Broken Blade – Part 2

Castle Volkihar – 1 Year, 4 Months Prior the Siege

It had been four months since the destruction of the Dawnguard, and my Clan seemed to have lacked goals. The Stromcloaks’ siege towards the Legion was halted for now. All there was for me to do was just sit back, and welcome this dark depression coming. Serana was becoming distant the last couple of months. But all that would change on this day, while searching for the answer she was looking for.

She came to me, and could not wait for to me get down into the chamber where her mother was last seen. She had been spending lots of time here, thinking perhaps she could still find her.

We entered the cluttered room, and she went straight to the desk table.

“What’s this about, Serana?” I asked her.

“I was looking for clues around this room, books, journal entries, anything to know where my mother has been. And then, I found this.” She picked up a broken dagger, and brought it to me. I gasped when I saw it.

“That’s… dagger…” I said. “How?”

I caressed the one still in my belt. They were nearly identical, except for the blade.

“It’s been here for sometime. ” Serana said.

“It doesn’t look dull.” I said.

“Because it is enchanted. Jeric, it is your dagger.” Serana implied.

“Wait, how do you know it’s mine? That’s impossible!” I said.

“Because, it showed me something…a vision. Take it, Jeric.” She said, offering me the dagger.

I studied it, and grasped the handle. I held it up to study, and then everything around me blurred, and a vast amount of images began appearing before my eyes. So many….it was disorienting, and I nearly fell over trying to comprehend them all.

“Jeric?” The voice of Serana was all I heard echo through my head.




“Jeric!” a new voice said. I recognized it, it was my own!

A new vision came in front of me. A snowy peak, with two people in front of me. It was Serana and….the new female Arch-mage!

“There, it is done. The blade is now infused with Jeric’s soul.” the girl said.

“Now it’s up to you.” Serana said. I was puzzled why she was conversing with the Arch-mage of Winterhold.

“I know what to do. Thank you Serana.” she paused. “Thank you, my daughter.”

I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. Serana then bowed her head down, a tear coming down her cheek, and the Arch-mage caressed her face with her hand.

“I can’t wait to meet you in the First Era. To hold my newborn daughter….you.” she said. And then she put the broken dagger into her satchel, and began to head towards some sort of portal. She stopped at the entrance, and turned around.

“How will I know if it is him?” she asked.

Serana then broke into a smile, and laughed. A sight I have never seen from her.

“You will know, Valerica.” Serana said.

“Valerica…usually it’s the parent that names her daughter.” the Arch-mage, or Valerica said. She turned around, and entered the portal, a white light emanating from it, swallowing my surroundings again.


And then I found myself on some sort of platform. All around was a dark blue energy that made up the surroundings. The platform it self felt like it was made from crystal, reminiscent of a Soul Gem.

“Hello?” I said, my voice echoing.

“Jeric,” a voice said. It was my voice again. A figure then formed in front of me. It…it was me, grey haired as if the years have taken me.

“What is this?” I asked.

“The future. One possible, one made to change the past, your present.” my other self said.

“What’s the meaning of this? I’ve never seen this kind of magic before.” I said.

“Take my hand, and learn everything. What is, what was, and what could be.”

“What if I refuse?” I said.

“There are worse things than death, Vampire.” he said. And that’s when my attention was grasped. I knew exactly what he meant.

I approached, took his hand, and watched everything he had to offer me.


I came back into the room where my mind had wondered off. Serana asked what took a hold of me, but I reassured her I was alright. She then noticed that I was different.

“Jeric….your eyes…” she said to me.

I could feel myself changing. The blade had more power than just visions of myself from another time. No, it was changing me, restoring me to my former self.

“Serana, my power….”

“Your vampire powers are gone.” she sensed.

She examined my face, not really sure on what to do. I stood up straight, thinking of everything I just learned.

“Come, we have much work ahead of us.”


Whiterun – 1 Month after Broken Blade Acquisition

Jarl Balgruuf was in the middle of a council meeting in the Throne room of Dragonsreach. He looked almost bored slumping in his chair, his hand propping his head up from the armrest of the chair. To me, this was a welcomed site when I came into the main hall.

“What? Jeric?” he said, noticing me come.

“Your grace, it is me. After almost a year of absence, I return to you now to reclaim my duties as Thane of Whiterun.” I announced.

“Where have you been?” he asked.

“Let’s just say I’ve made some new friends. Friends that might help Whiterun in their struggles.” And with that, Clan Volkihar came in through the door, lining up beside me. Serana spoke.

“Jarl Balgruuf, I present to you the Vampire Clan Volkihar.” she said.

“What is the meaning of this Jeric!?” he asked.

“Your grace, we come here not as your enemy, but as your servants.” She said. And she knelt down, along with the rest of the clan.

“Jeric?” he said, surprised.

“Now is not the time to question, but to act. Alduin and his force of dragons are growing in strength. It won’t be long now until they are ready to take Skyrim, as well as the rest of Tamriel.” I offered.

Balgruuf nodded. “So, what shall you have us do?” he asked.

“Ulfric Stormcloak. We must siege Windhelm, and prevent his rebellion from going out of control. Clan Volkihar will not be the only ones to help us. There are others we need to acquire as well.” I explained.

He pondered, and then nodded. But then we heard the main doors opening, and the Companions storming in. The Clan alarmingly stood up.

“No! Wait! It’s all right, they are with me.” I said, stopping them from almost engaging in battle. Kodlak just looked at me, surprised to see me.

“Jeric? Is that really you? What are you doing with Vampires?” he asked.

“They’re friends, don’t worry.” I said, noticing some of Clan Volkihar being a little uncomfortable. They sensed the werewolf presence.

Aela then came up to me, raised her hand up, ready to slap me. I grabbed it, and began to kiss her. After an embrace I pulled away, and looked into her eyes.

“I’ll never leave you again.” I said.


Windhelm – 2 Months after Broken Blade Acquisition

Ulfric expected me to meet him again on this day. This would be the third time, the time I did not meet him before, as I saw in one my visions. This time I would though, not as a Vampire lord, or corrupt being of any sort, but of the Dragonborn. And of course, I did not come to talk this time.

Today wold be the day everything would change. The future I saw will not happen. This, I swore to the divines. Today, I would fight, and seize the day.

Ulfric was in his Throne room when he heard the news. A large army was approaching the gates of Windhelm. The guard could not distinguish if it was the Legion or not.

“How many?” he asked.

“At least 500 men, sir.” the guard said

“It must be the Legion. No other force would dare oppose us!” Galmar said.

“Gather the guard, and whatever forces you can. Prepare to repel!” Ulfric ordered. And the guard then ran out of the room.

I watched as Ulfric got up from his throne, going to gather his battle gear. His own vanguard came into the room  to ready themselves. He had no idea I was there. I revealed myself to him from the place I hid.

“Ulfric Stormcloak!” I said, my words resonating in the halls. He turned and met my stare.

“Jeric. Come to do battle by my side?” he asked.

“I just want to let you know who it really is storming your gates.” I said

“You come betray me now? After our accords and everything? You dare?” he said.

“You should’ve never trusted a Vampire!” Galmar said.

“Well, fortunate for you, I’m not a vampire anymore.” I offered.

“That was foolish, Jeric. To give up such power? You stand no chance against my men.”

I approached him slowly, and his guards readied their swords.

“Maybe. But it’s not just me.” I said.

A guard came rushing into the room with a report.

” My lord, the enemy, they’re Whiterun soldiers!” he said

“Whiterun!? Balgruuf….” Uflric said. And then everyone flinched when they heard the roars of a dragon flying overhead.

“A dragon approaches!” another guard said.

“That dragon is with me, Ulfric. I’m giving you the chance to surrender. What say you?” I offered.

“Seize him!” Ulfric ordered. And his men readied their weapons. I just grinned.

“Not today, Ulfric.” I said, and with a hand signal, the Vampires of Clan Volkihar revealed themselves, surrounding the guards, slashing, and even biting the throats of all of them. I readied my newly crafted dragon sword and charged at him.

I came down with the broadsword and he parried it with his sword. I swung again, and and clipped his shoulder. Blood spewed out, but it didn’t stop him. He then shouted a Thu’um at me.

“FUS RO DAH!” I shouted back at him, and our Thu’ums collided, intertwining with one another, and then exploded with a force in all directions. This caused everyone in the hall to get knocked down, stopping the fight.

I slowly got up, only to notice some guards outside now coming into the hall. Behind them, four Lycans were in pursuit of them, biting, shredding, and making short work of them all.

I got up fully now, and approached Ulfric, still on the ground. I took my sword and held it up to his throat.

“Surrender, Stormcloak. Your hold is besieged. Your army can’t repel Vampires, Lycans, Whiterun and a dragon.” I told him.

He looked at me and hesitated. But then after considering, he finally nodded, and ordered his guards to stop attacking.


The word spread quickly throughout Windhelm of Whiterun sacking the main castle. The Stormcloaks surrendered, with few casualties.

Balgruuf, accompanied by his guard and The Companions, came into the main hold. He went up to Ulfric, who was bound by the hands now.

“I wish it didn’t have to come to this Ulfric, but there are larger things happening other than your petty rebellion.” he said.

“Your Thanes first mistake was letting me live, Balgruuf. This is not the end.” Ulfric countered.

Balgruff then motioned to his guards to take Ulfric away to the dungeons. They also took Galmar as well, having more guards to keep him in check due to his sheer size.

More Whiterun guards came in, this time with the Arch-mage, Sanoa and a few of her Mages.

“It looked like our little trick worked then, Jeric.” she said.

“They definitely picked the right successor for the head of Winterhold. Your spell worked indeed, tricking the Stormcloaks thinking there was an army of us.” I complimented. She nodded, and went to attend to some of her Mages.

“That reminds me, I have to take care of something.” I said, excusing myself from everyone’s presence.


Parthuurnax was circling outside still. I went up to the top of the main hold of Windhelm to meet him.

“Well done my lord, your hand, or claw, was pivotal in this.” I said. He then landed on the roof beside me.

“Krosis, apologies, for not doing more than I could. But I swore to myself never to hurt another being.” he said.

I acknowledged him, and nodded.

“Thank you Parthurnaax. The fear of a dragon looming is all that we needed. We can take care of matters from here.” I said.

He bowed, but then snarled with awareness.

“Vulaus! No….he can not be here now!” he said, worried.

“What? Who?” I asked.

“To the main chamber Dovahkiin.  Vothloskes! Make haste!”


I rushed back inside, only to find some guards slaughtered, as well as one other casualty.

“Oh gods, gods no!” I said, finding Serana on the ground, both the Companions and Vampires huddled around her.

“What happned?” I asked.

“I’m sorry Jeric, he just came out of nowhere….” Aela offered. There was no life coming from Serana’s body. She just lay there, with a stab wound right through the heart.

“Who did this!?” I asked.

“Whoever he was, he was robed, with some sort of mask on. Almost like an old dragon priest. But he was different somehow.” Sanoa explained.

“I’m so sorry, Jeric.” Aela said to me.

I knelt down, took Serana’s hand, and brought it up to my mouth, kissing it gently.

“I will avenge you, Serana.”


Windhelm –  3 Days after the Siege of Windhelm

I sat in a room that was acquired for me as my new sleeping quarters, contemplating the Broken Blade. I needed guidance, but was hesitant of what I would find out of Serana’s death.

I took the blade and held it up, distorting the room around me and bringing me to the plane of existence that my former self was.

“Are you here?” I asked out loud, my words echoing.

“I have always been here.” he said.

“Serana’s dead. You never showed me that. Why?”

“Because in the future I come from, it was Aela that was killed.” he said.

“The being who killed him, he was a Dragon Priest of some kind.” I offered. My former self thought for a minute, and then offered what he could explain.

“Miraak. Alduin is gaining allies to fight against Skyrim.” he said. “I’m sorry, but you must keep pushing forward. There are more allies to gain in order to defeat Alduin.”

“How do you know this? You have showed me everything that you once knew of.” I said.

“I may have been a dagger for almost 3 eras, but my conscientiousness was still alive and well in the dagger. I hear things, and there are many things to be heard.”

“What must I do?” I asked.

“Trust your self, and act. But be swift, and remember, you are not alone.”

Those last words resonated in me. But he was right, I was not alone.


Down in the dungeons of Windhelm, Ulfric sat, and heard the sounds of more prisoners ready to join him.

“You weak fool! You’ll regret this!” the shouting said. I joined up with Aela, who was escorting Skjor down to the cell. She put him in with Ulfric, and shut the door. I then went up to the cell bars, and stared at Skjor for a minute, then looked at Ulfric.

“Your new friend here was going to offer you an army you couldn’t refuse. Tell me Skjor, what is the main location of where the Silver Hand resides?” I asked.

“Piss on you, Vampire lover!” he said.

“Well, I’m sure you will have much to talk about, Lord Ulfric.” I said, turning away from the cell, and heading out of the dungeons.

Aela followed me. As soon as we got to the main floor, we were stopped by Vingalmo, who was waiting for me, expecting me to give orders to him now.

“I want Clan Volkihar to keep a look out on one other person.” I said.

“Who?” he asked.

“My housecarl, Lydia. I’m not too sure whether to trust her these days. Can you do this?”

“We will be her shadow at all times, my lord.” he said.

“Vingalmo, I think it is I who should be calling you lord now.” I said.

” Yes, but I shall keep Clan Volkihar loyal to you. Is there any other business?” he asked.

“No, carry on.” I said, and he nodded and took absence of us.

“I never thought Lycans and Vampries would be working together.” Aela said.

“I’m pretty sure your kind will be watching him. I’d recommend it actually, for he is always up to something” I said, thinking of his betrayal in a former life. She nodded to me, and we carried on towards the main hall.


Everyone gathered for the main ceremony that was taking place. Today, we named a new Jarl for Windhelm. The citizens of Windhelm gathered with the forces of Whiterun, and this was the day to unite them together.

Balgruuf stepped up from the main throne, raised his hand to silence everyone, and began to speak.

“Today, is the day that our two holds come together to fight a common enemy. But first, we must present new leadership to lead the people of Windhelm, and reassure them that Whiterun is not a threat. And for that, we name one to do that.”

Balgruuf looked at me, and presented me to the people.

“Jeric has fought bravely against the dragons that threaten Skyrim, and he has united many forces to help protect it. Would it not be the best choice to name him the Jarl and protector of your hold?” He said, and everyone started cheering.

“Jeric, Thane of Whiterun, Dragonborn, I now name you Jarl of Windhelm. Step forward and claim your right.”

I approached, but before he could present me officially with the title, I spoke.

“Thank you my Jarl of Whiterun, but as a Dragonborn, I can not accept this title. For I have another who should take the mantle in my stead.” I said, and whispers from the crowd started to arise. And that is when I remember a certain phrase that one once said to me, something from a previous life.

“Skyrim belongs to the Nords. We are all children of Skyrim, and I can only think of one man who can lead the people of Windhelm. Someone, who’s title has renown for all Nords of Skyrim.” I explained. I then turned to the head of the Companions.

“Kodlak Greymane.” I said. And he stepped forward.

“The Companions have protected Skyrim for many centuries. You have been residing at the great mead hall of Jorvaskrr for many years, but perhaps it is time you deserve something bigger than a mead hall.”

“Thank you, Jeric. I’m honored and I accept you proposal.” Kodlak replied.

Everyone then cheered in acceptance of the new Jarl of Windhelm.


The Next Day

I was just finishing up packing my supplies, as Aela came into my room.

“I should’ve known Kodlak would name you his Thane.” I said.

She nodded with acknowledgement, but ignored and began questioning my motive at hand.

“So, after all this, you’re leaving again.” she said. I was just packing the Broken Blade into my satchel, and then I turned to her.

“Alduin is out there, and I must stop him. He is gathering allies, and I must do the same.” I explained to her.

She nodded. She looked disappointed, but I knew she understood. I then had an idea that would reassure her of my well being.

“I don’t have to go alone, Aela. As a Thane, you have the freedom to come with me. Besides, where I’m going, they might need a diplomat of Windhelm to produce ties to Skyrim.” I offered.

“Just where exactly are you going?” she asked me.

“To where the winds bear to strongest direction now. The island of Solstheim. I know that is where I will find Miraak.” I said.

“For revenge?” she asked, referring to Serana’s death.

“No, to end the coming darkness. This is my duty, my burden. I must fulfill it.”

Aela nodded, and spoke.

“Then I will go with you. Because you will need all the help you can get.”

I nodded, looked into her eyes and kissed her.


And so we went on the ship that carried us, leaving Skyrim behind, and looking past the horizon of new dangers, and heading towards new adventures. Being dead once taught me one thing, no matter how hard you try to fight and win the day, you will end up losing something, or some one. But you can’t let it defeat you in reaching your ultimate goal.

I had to die once to figure this out. But at least I got to come back, and do it again. Because rarely do we have second chances. We just need to make sure not to repeat what we did before.

This is not a new beginning, nor and end. This is a transition; one of many that you will go through. Life is always transitioning, and you must be able to change with it, or else be left for ashes in the wind.

Broken Blade – Part 1

It has been 15 years now. 15 Years since the darkness came, the fire that rained down upon Skyrim, and spread out to the rest of Tamriel. It sweeped the lands like a storm, bringing only death and destruction. It happened, because I couldn’t be there to stop it.

I watched from the highest point of Skyrim that was High Hrothgar. Watched as time was swallowed by fire, and the demons that rained it upon the lands, leaving only a blackness that was almost devoid of life.

At first there were only a few dragons, but then, the great World Eater known as Alduin would resurrect each dragon that slept in it’s own tomb. One by one, Alduin brought his army to the realm of Skyrim. And as the people of the land fought between themselves, it gave the dragons the perfect chance to claim it.

And so I have been here, alone. This place, old and ruined, used to be a sanctuary to those that studied the way of the Voice, the dragon tongue. But now, the sands of time have claimed them all. The legacy of the Grey Beards has now been laid down to the only survivor of Skyrim:

Jeric, The Broken Blade.


The Throat of the World – 5 Days after the Siege

At first I thought I was heading to Sovngarde, the afterlife. There was this sheer sense of floating, like something I’ve read about in a book when you die. But for some reason, it wasn’t what I was thinking. I felt this grasp all around me, like a hand. No, a claw. It was a dragon’s claw!

It took me. Why would it take me? And to where?

The ground was all blurry from my high viewpoint, and I could not tell how high we were until I saw a mountain ahead.

The dragon dropped me onto the snowy peak, and landed. I coughed, and looked around. I knew exactly where we were now: the Throat of the World, just above High Hrothgar.

“Drem Yol Lok, Dovakiin.” the dragon said, which was a greeting.

“Who are you? Why help me?” I said, noticing my voice has returned.

“I am Paarthurnax. I brought you here to save your life.” he said

“Why? All you dragons want is to kill us all. What trickery is this?” I asked with skepticism.

Paarthurnax snarled and crawled onto a small ledge, making himself comfortable. He then stretched his wings, which I noticed had some wear and tear about them. He looked old, if that was even possible for a dragon.

“My brother, Alduin, has come back to resurrect my kind. Thissss, is not what I wish for of this world.” he said. His voice had a certain slow pace to it, enunciating almost every syllable. “The time of the Dovahkiin, Dragonborn, has come. It has been foretold that you would bring the dragons’ end.”

I laughed.

“I can barely stand up! What makes you think I can go against Alduin?” I asked him.

“I have begun the Haas Vokri, Health Restoration for you. As Alduin is able to restore others, so can I. Since you have Un Sos, our blood, I can return your strength.” He said.

“I am starting to feel better.” I told him.

“Be warned, Boki, my age, has been prolonged for many centuries. Lassifus, my life force, dwindles with each passing year. Restoring you now to fully, would be drun dinoki, bring my death. We must wait for the right moment, when Alduin reveals himself again.”

I heard some foot steps behind me. It was the Greybeards, with Arngeir leading them.

“I see you have met our leader, the one who brought the Way of the Voice to us.” Arngeir said. I looked at Paarthurnax and wondered why he would do such a thing; betray his own kind.

“Why? Why betray your brother?” I asked.

“I was his Kein Zeymah, war brother, and second in the wars long ago. After watching the death and the destruction of so many, I would come to realize that wrongs of our atrocities. That, Dovahkiin, is why I came here. I brought the rebellion against Alduin, and brought the Voice to you.” he explained.

“My lord, we should get Jeric inside, he requires attention.” Arngier suggested.

“When the time is right, Jeric, I will restore your life fully.” the great dragon said.

The Greybeards helped me up, and brought me to their sanctuary.


I sat in one of Hrothgar’s room, on a cot. I’ve stayed here many times before, and was always eager to leave and head back to Whiterun, as the old cold stone of the layout seemed uninviting. But that was no longer an option. Most of my wounds were healed, except for my shattered leg. I could feel some of the bones formed back into place, but not fully.

“He is dying,” Arngier said, coming into the room with bandages and a splint for my leg. “I didn’t want to admit it, but it is happening.”

“I thought dragons were immortal, or was that just a tall tale?” I asked.

“To be honest, we don’t know. Paarthurnax is the only living dragon since the First Era, but even he grows weak. I’m afraid, his time is passing.” he said, saddened.

“Arngier, we need him. The Stormcloaks will divide Skyrim, leaving the dragons free to take it. We must do something!” I urged.

“What exactly? Ulfric will not listen to us, and telling all of Skyrim we are being lead by a dragon? Surely, that will not work.”  Arngier said.

“I can’t just sit here! I’ve already lost my home, my family, my friends! I can’t lose Skyrim now!”

“We will wait until the time is right, Jeric. And we can wait for her too.”

I was puzzled to whom he was referencing.

“Who?” I asked.

“The other Dragonborn. She will return to us in time.” Arngier said.

I laid back into my cot, and sighed. I could only hope that they knew what they were doing.


High Hrothgar – 15 years after the Siege

High Hrothgar became my home during the darkness. It was remote, so remote that food became an issue sometimes. Not much was up in the high mountain but Snowberries, Moss, and some rats and high flying birds. Occasionally a mountain goat was spotted, and I was able to lure it, using a Thu’um shout that made animals trust me to be by them. Every time I took the life of one though, I took pity on myself, the symmetry of another backstabbing so long ago.

No, this wasn’t home, but a tomb. All of the Greybeards died out a few years back, old age finally taking them. I became one eventually, because there was nothing for me in Skyrim any longer. Alduin’s rage against mankind swept through the lands, and man nearly became extinct. There were few survivors. The few that survived did make it to Hrothgar once, but did not survive when they decided to venture out on their own again.


I don’t know what was worse – resenting them for trying, or resenting them because they had the option. For the fact that I had become a cripple since Fort Dunstad, and lost the ability to combat any one. I could shout, but that was it. Walking was my challenge, a challenge that I yielded to the crutch I used to get around. It was anything but graceful.

I sat down by the fire pit in the main hall, waiting for the water to boil. Rat stew and moss was the meal tonight. Nothing special here.

I poured the ingredients into the stew, none the less stewing on my own thoughts on how it all went wrong. I would kill for some mead right now.


High Hrothgar – Two Months after the Siege

We had a visitor come to Hrothgar this day. He was typical runner of supplies from Ivanstead, which was at the base of the trail that lead up the mountain. He brought news that the Imperial Legion, lead by General Tullius, has begun an all out assault against the Stormcloaks in retaliation for Whiterun. I considered this the perfect opportunity for Paarthurnax to heal me completely.

“It’s time Arngier. Paarthurnax must do it now.” I told him.

“We are not ready, Jeric. It’s too soon.” he replied

“What in Tamriel do you need exactly? The Legion and Stormcloaks are about to slaughter each other, and all you do is wait? No, Alduin will act now!” I shouted at him.

Then, the walls shook, and throughout  it was loud thunderous roar, an echo of one word, a summoning for me.


It was Paarthurnax. He was summoning me to the peak.

“You see Arngier? I think your master agrees.” I said.

I started heading towards the back gate, using the cane that they gave me. But then Arngier came behind me, offering assistance to me to climb up.

“If you’re going to be a fool, at least you can be a safe fool.” he said.

I smirked, and acknowledged him by putting my arm around him for support.


“Drem Yol Lok.” the great beast said.

“It’s time isn’t it?” I said.

“No, but there is an issue we must tend to. In the First Era, when Alduin was first defeated, the Dovahkiin of that era used the Dragonrend shout to bring him to a weakness.” he explained.

“Well, what is it then? Teach me the words!” I demanded.

He snarled. I could tell he was getting a little upset by my impatience.

“I…. do not know it. We must learn it from the Dovah of that era.” he said.

“How in hell are we supposed to do that?” I asked, now upset.

“Perhaps I have the answer you need.” A voice said behind us, coming up the path from Hrothgar.

I looked behind, and it was the Mage I fought back at Winterhold, now wearing the clothing of the Arch-mage.

“You…” I said.

“Ah, Sanoa. Do you have it? Do you have the Elder Scroll?” Arngier asked.

“Elder Scroll? You mean..wait…have you talked to Serana?” I asked, recounting the one she once had.

“Who?” she replied. She clearly had no idea who I was talking about.

“Sanoa is the other Dragonborn, Jeric. She was sent by us to recover the Scroll of the Dragon. With it, we can learn the Dragonrend shout.” Arngier said. “Follow me.”

We all headed to the other side of the peak, where a strange faded energy was resonating. It looked like a spider web at first, but became translucent as we neared. Paarthurnax offered an explanation of what it was.

“Thisss, is the Wuldsetiid, a Vortex Through Time. Also known as the Tiidahraan, or Time Wound” Paarthurnax said.

“Time Wound?” I asked.

“During the final battle of Alduin, the Dragonborns shouted the Dragonrend many times at the swarms of dragons attacking. It was this place, where Alduin fell. The Dragonrend was so strong, that it ripped the fabric of time itself. This, theoretically, is where Alduin was trapped for many centuries. Until now.” Arngier explained.

“Using the Elder Scroll I acquired, we can see through the Vortex to the point of where the last battle happened.” Sanoa added.

“And use it to defeat Alduin!” I said.

“Yes, but we aren’t sure it will work. We have to try though.” Arngier said.

“Here, Jeric.” Sanoa gave me the Elder Scroll, and I unraveled it. I approached the Time Wound and began to read. Then the Time Wound glowed, and it’s energy encompassed me, changing the day into night.


There were dragons surrounding the peak, and many warriors battling the ones on the peak. The Dragonborns, so many of them! There were three that were battling the largest of them, whom I assumed was Alduin. The warriors kept shouting at him, weakening him, and began berating him with swords, axes and war hammers.

Alduin repelled the onslaught, only to try and escape. He approached my position, and I tried to get out of the way. But it was as if I wasn’t truly there, and he just went right through me. That is where the Dragonborns shouted the Dragonrend one last time.

“JOOR ZAL FRUL!!” the sound thundered from them. And that is when I understood the words of the shout.

I could see Alduin being ensnared by the final shout, and that’s when the Time Wound destabilized, and once again changed my surroundings.

But the time for returning just then, was the most unfortunate time ever.


All I could see was Arngier and Sanoa dead on the ground, and Paarthurnax barely surviving on his own. We were being attacked by a dragon. I looked around and saw the great winged black beast himself: Alduin.

“Jeric! You must go now!” Paarthurnax said.

“No wait!” I said, and prepared to shout.

“JOOR ZAL FRUL!” I shouted towards Alduin, and the beast came down to land on the mountain. The delivering shout weakened him!

” You, you know the Dragonrend!” he said, astonished.

“And I know how to use it again.” I said, readying another shout.

“IISS SLEN NUS!” he shouted at me, freezing me solid in ice. Feeling the coldness all around me, and inability to breath, my consciousness began to fade.

“You will not have the pleasure of thwarting my birthright of ruling Skyrim.” he said. “This is not over!”

He dropped off the mountain peak, catching wind on his wings, fleeing.

I blacked out.


I awoke from melted ice, only to find Sanoa now standing in from of me.

“I freed you with a spell. Are you ok?” she asked.

“I’ll be ok.” I told her, then noticing the dragon bones where Paarthurnax was.

“No! Divines, no!” I said, dropping to my knees now, feeling the pain from my leg, but ignoring it.

“I’m sorry Jeric, he gave what life he had to me. I figured he thought two Dragonborns could figure out how to kill Alduin.

I didn’t want to respond. Everyone around me keeps dying.

“You. You have to leave!” I told her.

” But Jeric..” she said.

“GO!” I shouted at her. “Go and find a way to deal with this madness!”

“I’ll find a way.” she said, turning away and leaving. “No matter how long it takes.”

I envied her, the fact that she had mobility and I did not, was enough to make me jealous.


High Hrothgar – 15 Year after the Siege

And to this day, she never returned. I had awaited so long, and yet she would not come. All hope was lost in me now.

15 years, and I have endured my failure. 15 years, and I await my death. Still, death would not come. One can not take their own life to enter Sovngarde. One must wait for time to take them, or by someone else.

I recounted everything that went wrong each day: Whiterun, Clan Volkihar, Lucia, Aela… all the hate, all the betrayal, wondering how it could have been different, how I could have made it different. I knew of no way. All played out to the extinction of mankind.

I was walking around the halls, wondering as usual, as it took time out of my day. I aged, but it seemed that these walls did not. They remained strong, even while looking old. This place had true power, I came to realize.

I now watched over the flame that was heating water, ready for another meal. Walking, eating, sitting and reading was all that was my life now. However, this day would be different, for I have developed a keen sense of noticing intruders in my home. I knew exactly who it was.

“You’re not as graceful as you once were,” I said. She was behind me a few footsteps away, and stepped closer.

“And age hasn’t made you graceful at all, ” she replied back. I smiled and turned around.

“So, you return to the mortal world, Serena.”

“What’s left of it.” She replied. Being the vampire she was, she looked the same as I remembered.

“Why are you here, Vampire?” I asked with distaste.

“I was hoping for a better house warming than that. Old age must have tempered you as well.” she said. “Clan Volkihar is gone. The dragons tore the castle to shreds. There was noting left when I came back from the Soul Cairn.”

“So you come here?” I asked.

“I’ve been searching for anyone left, but the land is dead. The dragons decided not to enslave mankind. If it wasn’t for a few birds, I would be dead as well. Not the best blood I’ve had.” Serana said. She took a seat on one the nearby steps, and explained further.

“Blood….I almost forgot the taste of it. In the Soul Cairn, you do not need such nourishment. For it, provides for you, just being in the realm.” she explained further.

“So why come back to a dead world?” I asked.

“Because…” she paused. “I found my mother. She lived their for so long, that she could not live without the Soul Cairn. She was now a part of it. There was no chance of taking her from there with out killing her. If I have stayed, then I could not escape.”

“So why escape now? Skyrim, and the rest of Tamriel are gone. There’s no point of being here.” I offered.

“That’s where you are wrong, Jeric. I come here, to offer you a solution to the darkness.” she said. We then heard the main gate open, and another being came into the main hall where we were.

“Sanoa?” I asked.

“I’m glad you’re still alive, Jeric.” she said, looking a bit older now as well.

“Jeric, Sanoa and I present a solution to you, the last of the Greybeards, on how to stop Alduin, and even the attack on Whiterun.” Serena offered.

I looked at her, amazed at first, but then a bit skeptical. Something about it was disconcerting. But then it hit me, the Time Wound.


Throat of the World – 1 Hour Later

“So this is it?” Serana asked us, circling the Time Wound energy.

“This is the vortex back to the First Era, back when Alduin was first defeated.” I explained.

“This will do then.” Serana said, content.

“How?” I asked, confused.

“We can send an object through.” Sanoa offered.

“What? How? Reading the Elder Scroll only gives you a glimpse of what happened, it doesn’t take you back fully.” I said.

“That’s where you’re wrong Jeric. There are shouts that can manipulate time. You know of one.” she countered.

There was, a Slow Time shout, Tiid Klo Ul, which stood for Time Sand Eterninty. This shout only slowed time when I used it. I couldn’t see how it could work with the Time Wound. I explained this to Sanoa.

“Well, while you were hear playing crippled old man, I wondered the ancient ruins of Skyrim, and I found more dragon words and phrases. We can send an object back through the time wound using the words I have learned!” Sanoa said.

“What then? A book, a message?” I asked.

“A weapon, bound with your soul.” Serana said.

“My soul? That would mean…” I said.

“Yes, you must die. And I can bind your soul to the object which you think you will recognize at some point. ” Serana said.

“You will be able to see the memories from your previous life then” Sanoa added.

“Are you sure about this? Have you done this before?” I asked.

“I haven’t really done it, but as the Arch-mage of Winterhold, I’ve read about it happening.” Sanoa said assuredly. “What choice do we have otherwise?”

I wasn’t really fond of this idea, but there was no other choice. It was either surrender my soul to them, or live out the rest of my life waiting for it to be taken. I thought a moment, turned to them, and agreed to do so.

“We’ll use this then,” I pulled out the broken dagger that Galmar broke at the Battle of Fort Dunstead. This blade has been with me ever since I became Thane of Whiterun. I knew that this would be the object to use.


It took us some time to figure out the correct word combination to the shout. But after some trial an error, we were finally able to figure out the correct Thu’um.

“KOD MIRAAD TIID!” I shouted into the Time Wound, meaning Wield, Doorway, Time. Only my shout worked, since it was the strongest between me and Sanoa.

The Time Wound began to fluctuate, causing random streaks of lightning to come out. After a few seconds, it began to stabilize, and a clear door way could be seen.

“It’s working…” Serana observed.

“Yes…let’s get this over with.” I told her. She took out a blade, almost like the one she used on her father to steal his soul. She came up, and held the blade to my throat.

“I’m sorry….” she told me, and then began to kiss me. I returned by caressing her cheek, enjoying this last moment of bliss before the end.

She pulled away, and we stared into each others eyes, just as she sliced the blade across my throat.

Now, it feels like I am falling…..deeper……and deeper…..away from life….



– To be Concluded-

– Broken Blade Part 2 –

Episode 10 – The Breach

Falkreath Prison – 5 Months Prior the Siege

Well, that was unexpected…

I come home from a dark prison, only to be kept in another prison. News of my return to Whiterun spread, and the Jarl of Falkreath wanted my head. In order to cease the whispers of me leading Clan Volkihar for a time, I surrendered myself to Falkreath. There, the Jarl put me in a prison, until my innocence could be proven.

Of course, innocent was no where close to be the truth. I had no idea how I was going to get out of this one.


Fort Dunstad, The Pale – 5 Days Seige Aftermath

Lydia and I looked on towards the snowy reaches of the Pale, as the moonless night began to fall. We had a clear view of Galmar and his army  from the high tower of the fort, and they were ready to strike. They lined up abroad, shouting and taunting from the distance. I met Galmar’s hateful stare, as he wanted revenge for the arm I took, which was now fastening a shield. He banged the mace he carried against it.

Another figure emerged from the crowd: Skjor, the one man who betrayed the Companions, and murdered my wife. I longed to have his blood on my blade.

“Come on! Hurry! Grab those stones! Move those barrels over here!” Eorlund shouted.

Below, he, Vilkas, Farkas, and some soldiers started barricading the gates. Our archers began lining up on the top of the walls. Galmar’s and his forces started lining up theirs. The fort gave us the advantage of protection, but they had the numbers.

“We should get into the tower Jeric!” Lydia urged me.

“No. His archers don’t frighten me. Give me a shield.” I said. She handed me one from down the hatch, and I readied it, as Galmar’s arrows came at us.


Falkreath Prison – 5 Months Prior the Siege

“Seriously, you guys don’t have anything else to serve than bread and water? I’m an important person these days.” I said, mockingly. The guards just laughed.

I stayed in the prison for about two weeks now. There weren’t many prisoners here, except maybe for one more. The Jarl himself came to Falkreath in order to plead innocence for his Thane. Clearly, he had taken stock in me, even in my absence.

Aela came to me to see me.

“How are you holding up?” she asked.

“It’s not my first time in prisons before. It could be worst.” I offered.

“Balgruuf is trying hard to get you free. He’s doing everything in his power, short of going to war with this hold. Of course, its hard to tell if that’s what Jarl Siddgeir wants.” Aela explained.

“Siddgeir wants my head. And why shouldn’t he have it? I took lives. Justice demands my death.” I said.

“We lost you once….I lost you…” she said, softly touching my hand that was on the prison bar. “I can’t lose you again,” and she kissed me.

I tried to reassure her, but was distracted by death being at doorstep.


Fort Dunstad, The Pale – 5 Days Siege Aftermath

Arrows came down and hit some of our archers, causing them to fall. I told them to release a volley, but the twenty men soon became fifteen, then ten, and finally five.

“Retreat into the fort!” I ordered. And I went down into the tower. The Stormcloaks started marching towards the gates.

Vilkas and Farkas came up to the tower.

“My Thane, what is the plan? We Companions can’t change due to the the absence of the moon.” Vilkas asked.

“Let them concentrate on the main gate for now. Farkas, I want you to organize our remaining archers and take shots at the Stormcloaks, only when you deem safe. Perhaps you can thin them out some more. Vilkas, prepare to repel the siege. Take whoever you can. Have Eorlund’s wife take my daughter and the others who can’t fight and retreat into the other tower. Go now, but keep clear of this tower!”

They both acknowledged, and left. Lydia awaited my orders.

“And us?” She asked.

“There is a secret tunnel leading out on the side. You, me and one other will head out, and come from behind.”

“Three of us against an army?” she asked surprised.

“I have a plan.” I assured her.


Falkreath – 5 Months Prior the Siege

It was the next day after speaking with Aela that the guards dragged me out of the cell.

“Up you vampire scum!” the guards said, and grabbed a hold of me.

“You guards are pretty daft. You see any fangs in my teeth?” I said, smiling. They came in, put a burlap sack over my head and hauled me outside.

They dragged me for quite the distance, and I could hear us approaching a murmuring crowd. We went up steps, and they kicked me behind my legs, dropping me to a kneel position. They ripped the sack off, and the light of the sun burned an abrupt whiteness into my eyes. When it cleared, a small crowd was all I could see, as well as a chopping block in front of me.

“My people, this is the one who terrorized our town almost two years ago. He slayed our kin, and for that he must pay the ultimate price.” It was Jarl Siddgeir addressing the crowd, ready to take revenge on me.

“Wait!” a voice said in the distance. It was Balgruuf, accompanied by Aela, Lydia and some guards. “This man was under the influence of Vampirism, it was not his intention to harm all of you.” He pointed out.

“A vampire’s intent is clearly to do harm. He may not be one anymore, but the Empire’s laws still stand here in Skyrim. He must pay!” the crowd cheered, and Balgruuf became infuriated.

” You have no right! You take his head, I will take your hold!” he shouted.

“You dare wage war against the Empire!?” Siddgeir taunted. “You’re neutral, you don’t have anyone to back you! Well, maybe that little town Riverwood?” he laughed, and some of crowd laughed with him. I then spoke.

“Jarl Balgruuf, please! Justice must be served. And I will honor it. No more death must come from this, other than my own.” I said, and with that I lowered my head to the block.

Balgruuf frowned, and Aela just looked away, not willing to bear the horror of my oncoming execution.

“Strike true, and fast.” I asked. But then all I could hear was the sounds of crashing behind me. I raised my head, only to see the crowd run in horror.

I knew exactly what landed…


Fort Dunstad, The Pale – 5 Days Siege Aftermath

Lydia and I heard the crashes of a battering ram on the main gate as we headed towards the secret entrance on the side of the fort. We head out, and stayed close to the walls. Farkas and his archers were slowly thinning out the army. We were beneath the tower now, just right of the gate, and the impact of the battering ram was resonating all through the front walls. Little pieces of stone began to fall off the tower.

I told Lydia to get the attention of the soldiers attacking, and she took her guard to help. About fifteen soldiers came, and she started parrying their attacks. This created an opening in their ranks, and I slipped into the crowd, their attention drawn.

“Now!” I said, and they both ran back to the other side of the tower. I then took a breath, and shouted a Thu’um at the tower as the ram hit the gate again. It hit, and my Thu’um hit the bottom of the tower,  causing a weakness on the side, and when ram hit again, the tower came falling down.

I ran using a Whirlwind Sprint shout to get out of the way of the falling tower. It fell to the ground, destroying the battering ram, and killing many Stormcloaks.

Lydia smiled at me, but the smile faded quickly, as Galmar came after us with his men.

“Come on!” Lydia shouted, now at the hidden passage way. I ran to it, and entered. She shut it behind us, and we went to regroup with the others.


Falkreath – 5 Months Prior the Siege

A dragon landed behind us, and stared down at the fleeing crowd. As it took a breath, I got up and knocked Jarl Siddgier off the podium and onto the ground. The dragon spewed his flame, incinerating the guards still on the platform.

“My gods! A dragon! What’s it doing here?” Siddgeir asked.

“I wouldn’t really wonder why it’s hear, but how to kill it.” I said, I looked at him, matching his terrified gaze. “I can kill it, but you have to release me!” I said.

He nodded, took out a knife, and released my bounds. I got onto the singed wooden platform, taking the executioner’s large ax, and launched it at the dragon. It hit square in the chest, but did not stop his assault. He took to the air, circled once, but ended up crashing into the ground, not being able to sustain itself in the flight.

I took a sword from singed guard’s belt, and ran up a hill onto the roof of another house. I had the perfect angle at the dragon as he raised his face. I ran off the house and jumped, my sword ready to come down on it’s head. It turned to me, about to snap, but he was too late.

My sword went right into the nose. I then grabbed his eye lid with a firm grip as he shook his head. Taking the sword out of the large snout, I shoved it right into an eye, repeating another stabbing there, and finally coming down into his other eye.

His head came down from losing feeling in it. I jumped off his head, and stuck the sword right into a known soft spot, the end of the jaw where it meets the neck, stabbing upwards. With that, the dragon died, and began to burn. I absorbed the soul, like I have other times, and everyone looked at me in amazement.

I turned to the Falkreath Jarl.

“So Siddgier, you still want my head? Or will saving your hold suffice?”


Fort Dunstad, The Pale – 5 Days Siege Aftermath

“That was excellent work back there my Thane!” Lydia said with amazement.

“Thanks, it worked for a dragon once, I figured it would work on a few Stormcloaks.” I said, as we reached the other end of the tunnel.

“Too bad you won’t be able to do it again.” Lydia said. Then, the feeling of a sharp object went right into my side, piercing into my lung. I gasped for breathe, but couldn’t get one. I looked to the one stabbing me.

“What….why?” I choked out, as Lydia stared into my eyes with a reliant look. She turned to her escort.

“Go back, and open the tunnel.” she said, and he went back, just leaving the two of us.


Falkreath – 5 Months Prior the Siege

Lydia came to get me, as I finished packing up my things in the local inn.

“Balgruuf and the others are waiting for you, my Thane. The weather is good, and the road is clear to Whiterun.” she offered.

“Good. There is one last piece of business I want to tend to before I leave.” I told her.

“I’ll let the others know we’ll catch up then.” She said, turning around.

“No, just me catching up.” I said. She stopped in place, and turned to me. “You are to remain here in Falkreath, as Siddgier’s Thane.” I told her. She had a bewildered look upon her face.

“My Thane….Jeric…I..”

“Lydia, I know how you are these days. You’re not happy serving as my Housecarl. You being Thane of Falkreath will be better for you. Besides, Siddgeir thought it would be good for our two holds to have some sort of liason, tend to the wounds of the past events.” I explained. She then bowed to me with honor.

“Thank you, Jeric.”


Fort Dunstad, The Pale – 5 Days Siege Aftermath

“Why, Lydia?” I asked her again, now taking the dagger out of my chest.

“It’s simple really. Siddgeir struck a deal with Ulfric. Falkreath didn’t fall, it merely switched sides. And I’m bound as Thane to obey my Jarl.” She explained.

“You….after all we been through…” I said, almost to a whisper. She then kicked me down to the ground.

“WE!? I had to look after your drunk miserable wife while you were out playing Vampire Lord!! Do you know how much I had to endure from her, a depressed Companion? I almost took my own life from that! But, of course, that is no way to get into Sovngarde.”

I could hear Galmar’s men coming into the secret tunnel now. Lydia continued.

“Skyrim belongs to the Nords, Jeric, not some empire that is allied with a race like the Thalmor. They will bleed this land of all that it is, and it won’t be what it truly is anymore; our home.”

Galmar approached with Skjor by his side.

“Very good Lydia.” he said, his voice like a growl.

“He’s disabled. I don’t think he’ll be shouting in his condition anytime soon. He’s your prize now.” Lydia said. He then ordered Skjor to pick me up off the ground.

“Kill them all.” He said to his followers. And they stormed into the fort, ready to slaughter everyone inside.


They didn’t last long. The men that were with Lydia soon turned on us, and killed all of the Companions. The only ones left being Vilkas, Farkas, and Eorlund. Galmar took us all against a wall, lined us up, and made us kneel in the mud.

Skjor approached Galmar.

“Galmar, sir, we believe there are some women and children locked up in the tower. Shall we try to enter?” he asked. Galmar looked at the mud, and spat in my direction, and then told him his orders.

“No, burn it.” He ordered.

“No! FOR GODS SAKE NO!!” Eorlund screamed, getting up. Skjor took his sword, and skewed it into the old Companion, and twisted. Eorlund then fell to the ground; another corpse in the mud.

“Anyone else?” Skjor asked.

“You’re a coward Skjor! You betrayed your oaths!” Vilkas shouted.

“My oaths are with the true Nords of Skyrim. The land belongs to them.” he said with rebuttal. The archers readied the fire arrows, and shot into the tower, lighting the hay and oil on top and inside of the the windows.

I turned away, as I heard the screams of Eorlund’s wife, and my daughter.

“Lucia…” was all I could whisper.


The Next Morning

The tower burned was burned on the insides and out, and all I could think about was the loud pitched scream my daughter made, burning.

Galmar approached us, still lined up against the wall, our hands now bound to our fronts. He inspected us, all of us dirty and worn out from the battle. Lydia came around from another side, and inspected as well. Galmar then pointed to Vilkas, and two men grabbed him. Skjor then came around, and went in front of Vilkas, now being made to stand by the guards.

They exchanged a prolong look of hate towards each other. Then, Skjor took out his sword, and slashed Vilkas in the throat. He dropped to the ground, choking in gurgling blood.

“You bastard! You won’t even give us a proper execution!” Falkas scolded.

“We don’t have time for such theatrics these days. Ulfric is constantly on the move, and our time is limited here.” Skjor said. He then came to me. He grabbed my hair, jerking my head up to meet his eye.

“It’s too bad you were gone for so long, Dragonborn. I had to keep your wife…occupied. I wonder if she liked me better. But of course, I had her first. How else did she know she couldn’t have children?” He said. All I could do was look with anger at him, as the wound in my chest kept bleeding out, slowly.

He dropped my head, and approached Lydia.

“But at least, I have found another.” He said, taking Lydia and kissing her.

“No theatrics, eh?” I said softly. “You’re quick to contradict yourself.”

“Just enjoying the pleasures of life. They should be celebrated more often. Something I learned being a Companion.” Skjor said. Falkas spat in his direction.

Skjor then readied his blade to stab Falkas. I then began to snicker. Skjor hesitated.

“Jeric?” Falkas asked.

“You’re right. Pleasures, irony, parallels of life. You’re going to like this one, Lydia.” I said. She looked at me with a curious look, and then heard a roar in the distance.

“Dragon!” a guard shouted. Lydia readied her sword now, and looked towards the sky. Farkas then charged at Skjor, toppling him down to the ground. He then head butted Skjor, stunning him. I managed to suck in some air, and shout a simple word.

“FUS!” I shouted at Lydia. She fell to the ground and dropped her sword. I ran to it, diving forward, and grabbing it with my bound hands. I then rolled over, using the force of the roll to swing the sword. The blade landed diagonal on her face. I got up, took the sword out, and struck again, and again, each infuriated hit channeled by the anger of her betrayal.

The dragon became visible, and landed on one of the fort walls, breathing fire on the Stromcloaks. Galmar rushed to grab his mace.

I tossed the sword to Falkas, still on top of Skjor, and he stabbed him in the chest. Skjor jerked from the hit, and then stiffened. Falkas slowly got up, but not before Skjor took a dagger from his belt, stabbing Falkas in the gut.

Falkas fell, and Skjor pulled the dagger, and with a last dying breath, stabbed Falkas in the throat. The two remained side by side, staring at each other, watching the life fade from each others eyes.

That’s when the brute Galmar came after me with his mace. He came down, and I rolled forward. Somehow, I caught a second wind, and enough will to fight!

I then ran away from him, towards where they kept my own weapons. I grabbed the dragon sword and trusty dagger as he pursued me, and cut my bounds. He swung again, and I parried it this time, but the force of his swing knocked me to the ground.

His mace came down on my left leg, and I screamed in agony after hearing the shattering of bone. He used his shield to knock the sword out of my hand, and I dropped my dagger. The dagger was closer, so I went for that first, but not before Galmar slammed his mace into it. The force of it broke the blade in two. He lifted the mace and swung in my direction. I dodged and rolled for the broken dagger, grabbing it.

He over swung, and I lounged with my good leg and arm, stabbing the broken blade underneath his shoulder, where he had no armor. He dropped the mace then, and fell to the ground. I limped to him and straddled him, ready to finish the job.

“You piece of dirt!” he said, blood spewing from his lips. I took the broken dagger, and slashed his throat, blood squirting into my face.

He was surely dead now.

The dragon was making short work of the Stormcloaks occupying the fortress. All they could do was run, as it overpowered all of them. I fell backwards. All that was left now was to die. Just lie there, as the stab and blunt wounds take me. This was it, I had nothing left, no home, no family, and now slowly letting go of life.

My view faded as I looked up towards the sky, waiting for my turn to die.

– To Be Concluded –

– in Broken Blade –

Episode 9 – The Return Home


* Clank*


The hottest fires forged the great sword, my great sword, the that one would be used to slaughter all of those that would appose me. A sword I could wield and protect my friends.


It would continue, using the great Sky Forge, to form a weapon made from the great beasts that haunt the skies of Skyrim, using their own essence to bring them to an end. This was my redemption being poured into the blade, my anger being filled into the tang and handle, and my renewed strength that would make it all come together.

And so it would go….. *Clank*……*Clank*……*Clank*

Castle Volkihar – 1 Year, 3 Months Prior the Siege

Nothing would fulfill my ambition to do anything these days. No quests, no battles, not even feeding on a normal mundane. There was nothing to quench my thirst. Sitting on my throne as Lord of Clan Volkihar brought me nothing.

Everything bored me. I felt like a prisoner now in these ancient stone walls. Nothing to do but to drink the blood from the cattle brought in. Nothing to do but to read the books in Harkon’s library. Nothing to do, but sit here and watch Deathhounds nearly kill each other. I was amazed by the others still taking joy out of it.

Perhaps it was the lack of the sun which would now burn my skin as I came into contact with its beaming rays. I could relate to Harkon now, and how he set out on a conquest against it.

Or maybe it was the fact the Serana had become so distant in the past few months, especially since our skirmish at Winterhold College. I would take her as my lover, only because we were the same. We both longed for something, but that something was not between the two of us. No, there was something else missing.

Where was Serana though? She spent a lot of time wandering the old parts of the castle. I never really thought of doing so with her. Perhaps that should change.

“Vingalmo!” I shouted, and my head of intelligence and affairs came to me.

“Yes my lord?” he said, always with a tone like he was scheming something.

“Where is Serana?”

“I believe she is in the old courtyard, or perhaps in her mother’s old room. Somewhere around there, yes.” He said, trying to assure himself.

I got up, and went to search for her.


And so I ventured to the old courtyard, which seemed more dead than the oldest Nordic tombs. No one really tended to it anymore. I can’t believe why they would, since plants need sun light to grow, and that doesn’t really mix with a vampire. Luckily though, it was dark out for me.

“Serana?” I shouted into the yard. There was nothing. I shouted a couple more times, and it took a third to get the attention of who I sought. She then revealed herself from a secret passage way.

“Here, Jeric.” She said, emerging.

“My love, where have you been?” I asked.

“Follow me, and I will show you.”


The Pale – 2 Days after the Siege

While our party was gathering supplies at my homestead, I would not sleep, and would constantly be looking for our pursuers. Now that Ulfric sacked Whiterun, there wasn’t really a need to come after the surviving Companions or Legion soldiers from Falkreath. No, but he did hold a grudge against me. I held up his quest to take Skyrim from the Empire, and for that, I’m sure he wanted retribution.

I stockpiled swords, arrows, food, water, tents, wood, oil and even some spells that were deemed usable for those with the will. There weren’t any nearby villages where I built it. It was meant to be a place to gather one’s strength, and that is exactly how it was being used today.

After almost a day spending time there, we got word from Vilkas, who was in his Werewolf form scouting the southern regions, that an army was approaching our position. Ulfric didn’t waste time. The time to head to Fort Dunstad was now. We only hoped that it wasn’t occupied by a strong opposing force


Castle Volkihar – 1 Year, 3 months prior the Siege

Serana led me down through the bowels of the castle. These parts haven’t been occupied for some time, and they were mostly ruined by decay and collapse. But for some reason, Serana found interest in it.

We came to large room, littered with books, torn pages, ingredients like flowers and powder, and empty potion bottles. In the middle of the room seemed to be some sort of ritualistic circle. It kind of resembled one where I found Serana.

“What are you doing down here? What is all of this?” I asked her.

“I believe this is where my mother was last seen. After she hid me away so long ago, she came here. This was the last place anyone saw her.” she explained.

“So you’re trying to track her down. Why?” I asked.

“Jeric….after our skirmish at Winterhold, well, I was touched by someone. Someone who might be linked to my mother.” She said.

” The young Mage girl.” I offered. “What exactly does she have to do with it?”

“I don’t know. She just looked at me, and all I could think about was my mother. It was so long ago though….”

“Serana, if your mother is still alive, then where could she have gone? Locked herself up like she did you?” I asked.

And then she went over to a table, where she procured some ingredients from around the room. Using them all together in a vessel that was on a elevated terrace, she then put them all in, causing an effect to happen. The circle in the room began to glow, and then exploded in a dark blue energy. The energy continued to resonate around the circle.

“By the gods, what is it?” I asked.

“A portal to a place called the Soul Cairn. From what I understand from the notes left behind by my mother, this is the place she went to.”

“But what is there, exactly?” I asked.

“I don’t know, but I’m going.” Serana said. And then a realization came to me. I did not look forward to hearing what she had to say next.

“Jeric, where I go now, I must go alone. I have to find her on my own. You can not follow me.” She said with regret.

” Why? There’s nothing for me here, let me go with you!” I said.

“No, Jeric, not here. But in Whiterun.” she started to explain to me.

” But….I can’t go back….”

“Yes you can. During my studies here, I found a way. You need to use a Black Soul gem, filled with a soul. I have an empty one, but it requires a soul to be filled into it. You can use the Soul Ripper I used on my father.”

I closed my eyes, and looked away. She brought her hand to my face, and turned it back towards her.

“We may have had something, Jeric. But it’s not for us. Your heart belongs with the one you married. Your soul belongs to her.” she comforted me.

“And what if she doesn’t want me back? What if she has forgotten?”

“One look in your eyes, and I feel strength. I can only imagine what she feels with you. You must go, and so must I.”

And with that, she kissed me on my lips. Returning the kiss, I embraced her. We separated after a moment, and she began heading to the portal.

“Good-bye, my lord.” she said, not looking back.

The portal closed, and she was gone.


The Pale – 2 Days after the Siege

We started making our way to the fort. But the Stromcloaks were hot on our tail. They began approaching my home, first the scout ahead of the main group, and then some more. They soon determined that no one was present inside the home. The main leader of the group, we noticed was Galmar, ordered more soldiers to the house.

We had a clear view of him, and his army. And as they approached, I took a flaming arrow, that was ready to light the house I built for the last six months on fire. But it wasn’t just a fire I was about to make, but an eruption of flame. This, was a booby trap I set up; plenty of flint, kindling, and an oil trail.

I released, and the flamed arrow streaked across the twilight sky, lighting the the oil streak just west of the building. The oil became ablaze, and quickly followed its path to the house. It erupted in flame, burning the skin of those in proximity, as well as burning the ego of the leader Galmar, and gave us time to escape.


Castle Volkihar – 1 Year, 1 Month prior the Siege

I contemplated for two months after Serana’s departure, whether or not I should cure myself. Her absence left a wound in me, not sure exactly where, but there it would remain. The Black Soul gem required a soul, and I did not wish to fill it. For I have lost all ambition to kill now, and unfortunately, the lack there of would leak to the rest of my clan.

The clan still kept busy, whether to find wanderers and take them as cattle. Or maybe toy with, leading them to a trap or ambush, keep them a live for days or even weeks, feeding off of them, not turning them to vampires entirely, using this as a means of entertainment.

What a waste.

I never thought of these beings as my own, nor my equal anymore. They have been living far longer than I have, and yet they yield to my own power, and I myself to be trapped by them. It was a sick irony, and some Daerdric lord was laughing at me from afar.

Vingalmo came to me.

“My lord, we have excellent news. The clan has reported that the town of Rorikstead has been rid of those who  wish to slay us.” he said.

How odd. I was not aware of such dealings being done in Rorikstead. I don’t understand why they would, since the town was untouched by my clan.

“Why? We pose no threat to them. Vingalmo, why do this?” I asked.

” My lord, I reported earlier that they were posing a threat. You decided not to take action.”

“I didn’t make any sort of decision! Now you go over my own authority!?” I scolded. He took me aside, and explained to me in a softer tone.

“The others believe you have become soft. Our clan, under Harkon’s rule, became just that. We were hoping you would have a more….ambitious tone to your rule. But six months of not acting, led me to do so in your stead.”

I grabbed him by the throat, and held him high.

“You usurped me, you traitor. They were innocent! They posed no threat, and you knew this! I will have your soul for this!” I said, and I took out the Soul Ripper Serana gave me, and beheaded him with it. A dark flash came from his lifeless body, and I knew that the Black gem was now filled. I then approached the rest of the clan.

“If any of you usurp against me again, I will steal your soul and imprison you forever!” I explained. They all knelt before me, and not asking them to rise, I stormed out of the castle in a bat swarm.

I flew away, far away, knowing I did not want to come back. There was nothing there for me anymore. It was time to find out how to use the filled soul gem now.


Morthal – 11 months Prior the Siege

I wondered the lands of Skyrim, looking for answers on how to solve my Vampirism. It felt like the first time I turned into one. This time instead of survival, it would be revival. The only place I knew to get answers was at Winterhold College.

I didn’t go there exactly, but stayed on the outskirts of town, waiting for any Mages who returned to the college. I ended up capturing one name Enthir, who I held for several days before getting answers out of him. I surprised myself in the process; I had no desire to feast on him.

He told me to go to the hold of Morthal. Here, a Mage named Falion, who studied Vampirism knew how to cure it.

Wearing a hooded cloak, I went around asking where to find him. Some people shunned me at first, but after asking around, I ended up finding where his home was. I entered, and he yelled for me to enter. Apparently he didn’t really like visitors.

“So, you here to mock me about my studies?” he said, with a very grouchy tone. He was just sitting at a desk with his back towards me.

“No, actually, I came to inquire about them.” I offered. He turned his head, revealing his face to me. He was dark skinned, and younger than I imagined him to be. “I want to know how to cure vampirism.”
He came closer, and  I revealed my self to him.

“You’re….you’re one of them.” he said. “You want to be cured?”

“Yes, please, I have a Black Soul gem that is filled.” I took it out from underneath my cloak and showed him.

“I won’t ask you where you got it, but this will work. Meet me at dawn, at the summoning circle just outside of town, to the the east.” He told me.

“Dawn? What if it doesn’t work? The sun will kill me!” I said

“It will work. Trust me.”


I waited for him for about a few hours. I could start seeing lines of sunlight poking up into the night sky. And with that happening, my skin start to itch. Falion finally showed up.

“About time! The sun is almost up!” I urged him.

“Patience, my friend. I had to make sure I had the right spell for the ritual. Do you have it?” he asked. I gave him the soul gem, and he placed it in the circle. He then came out of the circle, and told me to go into it.

“Are you ready?” he asked. I nodded, and he brought up his hands. The sun was visible now, and the light came onto us. My skin started to smoke, but I held myself still, waiting for Falion to speak.

He began.

“I call upon Oblivion Realms, the home of those who are not our ancestors. Answer my plea!”

My skin started to burn.

“As in death there is new life, in Oblivion there is a beginning for that which has ended. I call forth that power!”

It started to hurt now, and my skin started to darken.

“Accept the soul that we offer! As the sun ends the night, end the darkness of this soul, return life to the creature you see before you!”

The soul gem exploded with a dark light, and came all around me. The sun beamed down at full strength.The burning sensation then turned into something else, like water being poured all over me, cleansing me of the darkness. I could feel it going away.

I could feel myself, being human again.

The light energy expelled, the sun was up, and I was standing alive, basking in the glory of the sun.


I thanked Falion after he performed the ritual. I gave him 2000 worth of gold coins to him. It was the least I could offer him. We parted ways, and I began my trip back to Whiterun, to see my wife.


Whiterun – 10 Months Prior the Siege

Dragonsreach remained the same while I was away. I went there first to talk to the Jarl, and tell him of what happened. We both agreed to keep it quiet, and made sure no one else knew of it. I reassured him that there was no threat from the Vampires. That was done for.

Irileth went to go get Aela. Apparently she had been out hunting, which is good, compared to what Lydia was telling me. Oh how she missed me, and a strong depressing darkness overtook her. Perhaps it was a distant sadness that Serana told me of; the feeling of missing someone you truly loved.

They both came into the hold, and Aela met my eyes, just like the first time they locked onto each other after the slaying of the first dragon. She ran to me, and we embraced each other.

“Don’t you ever leave again you bastard!” she whispered in my ear. I smiled, and we kissed.

I was home. I was finally home.


Aela and I returned to our home, and made up for lost time. If it wasn’t for Lydia reassuring the local guards we were alright, people would have thought we died, due to our absence. We hadn’t left the house in nearly three days.

She got up from the bed, and slipped on a dark robe. She went to the other room and came back with large bone structure in her hand.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Dragon bone from your first slaying near the watch tower. Balgruuf kept it and the majority of the dragon bones in the hold. But I procured this one, because of something Farrengar discovered.” she explained.

She then put the bone on the floor, and I crawled over to the other side of the bed. She took out an ax made from ebony ignot, a very strong metal, and came down on it. The ax sparked on impact. She swung a few more times, and then brought the ax over. It was dull from the hits.

“That’s….incredible!” I said.

“Yes it is. I figured you could use a new sword.” she offered, with a smirk. I looked at her and smiled.




It took me five days to forge this sword. The bone was incredibly tough to mold, but soon succumbed to the fire of the Sky Forge. I made the blade long, long enough to out strike any other sword. One would think that this sword would require two hands to carry, but surprisingly, the bone was light. I continued to hammer.




After one more hit, I brought it to some water, cooling it. I held it high in the air, knowing that it was forged. My great sword, the one I would swear on to protect my friends, loved ones, and city with, was mine for wielding.


Fort Dunstad – 5 Days after the Siege

It took us two days from the house to get to the fort. There was nothing here but a few bandits. We made short work of them, and began to settle in. However, our scouts that kept a lookout behind us, shortly came to us with news that Galmar and his army were hot on our trail. No time to make it home now.

Galmar’s army approached, their numbers somewhere in the three hundreds. They lined up in an intimidating formation in the snow, staring us down.

Three hundred Stromcloaks, against our tribe of no more than Fifty. Lydia came to me.

“Well, this is going to take some strategy.” she said. I nodded and looked on with worry.

But in all actuality, it was going to require a miracle.

– To be Continued –

Episode 8 – A Parallax of Destiny

I remember the first time I saw it. A great winged beast, with eyes clear as death itself. Never have I felt so much fear. Never have I known, that it would want me. But ironically, it saved my life.

Or maybe it didn’t want me. Maybe it just wanted to show me his own power, to let me see the destruction it could create. Like a simple spell, like an effortless command, the mercy of the world would be his doing.

And so his name, World Eater, for all it’s infamy, was renown.

– Sanoa, Survivor of Helgen

Dragonsreach, Whiterun – 2 Years Prior the Siege

“Ah, Sanoa! Good! You brought me the glowing mushrooms I needed.” Farengar said, delighted to see me.

“Do you know what kind of hell I had to go through to get these?” I snapped back, putting the bag of mushrooms on his table. “I must’ve been shot at, stabbed at, clawed at, chewed, swallowed and almost spit out of the ass of that place! Oh, and did I mention the dead came alive too?”

Clearly, I was not happy.

“I figured you had it in you though. Your training at Winterhold College of magic must have served you well to go through a tomb like Bleak Falls Barrow. I must say, I’m impressed.” Farengar said, almost teasing me. I looked at him sternly, and he returned the gaze back. And then after a minute, we broke our look, and just ended up laughing.

“Alright, alright, it was a good test of my magic, I’ll admit. But seriously, there are things down there that shouldn’t be. I mean, they looked old.” I told him.

“They must have been the Draugr, ancient warriors that are believed to once serve the Dragons. Tell me, did you find anything else there?” Farengar asked.

“Well…” I began, digging into my satchel. “There was this?” I handed him a stone tablet I found down in the crypts.

“This…this is the fabled Dragonstone I’ve read about!” He exclaimed, taking it to his enchanting table to study it closer.

“And there was a word…” I trailed off. I heard something down there, but I wasn’t really sure what it was. A big flash of light next to an old wall of ancient writing. I had no time to find out what it meant though, as the undead were trying to kill me.

“What was that, Sanoa?” He said.

“Nothing. Do you know what that tablet says?” I asked.

“From what our Thane has taught me from his studies with the Greybeards, I think it says: Here lie the fallen lords until powers of Alduin Revives.”

Alduin? Who the is that?” I asked.

“My gods….if the Draugr are awake…tell me, did all the Draugr wake?” he asked urgently.

“Just the ones I came by. I think I angered the head one when I swiped that tablet thing.”

“Then we may still have time. Oh Sanoa, you and your thieving habits.” Farengar said.

“Hey, sometimes a little scalawag is good for the soul.”

“Farengar! We need you. Something has happened.” Irileth said, coming in.

“Of course. Sanoa, you better head back to Winterhold. You may have the aptitude of a Mage, but not the discipline. Continue your studies, young one.” He said, now exiting the room.

” Yes, Mother” I said mockingly.

As I leaving Dragonsreach, I overheard talk from the Jarl about a tragedy involving the holds Steward and Thane.

Well, I hope no one was killed.


Winterhold College – 1 year, 11 months Prior the Siege

I continued my studies at the College. I’ve been attending it now for about 11 months now. Farengar told me to do so, of course that was after he discovered me in the dungeons of Whiterun, after stealing from one of the markets in town. I tried using an Allusion magic trick I learned from another thief to get me out. It didn’t really work, and instead I just set a table on fire. Farengar then came down, and made a deal with me.

“Let me teach you how to control magic, and I will give you your freedom. Only if you stop stealing now.”

Those were his words, and of course I agreed to his terms. And now here I am, at this broken down College. I heard it used to be great with a lot of students. But an accident almost sent the entire town into the sea. And since then, no one really looks up to the College anymore, and they have kind of disgraced it. It was my kind of place.

Lately though, I haven’t been sleeping well. The stone tablet I found, the coming of dragons, and of course that strange flash and the word I heard was all on my mind. I decided to go to the school library and try to find out what it was.

“Hey Urag!” I shouted as I entered, calling out to the grumpy Orc who was the keeper of the library.

“What do you want, Sanoa? Came to pester me again?” he grumbled out. I leaned up to his counter.

“What do you know about the Draugr? Do you have any books on them?”

“If you want to get into that stuff, forget it. Too many people asking about dragon stuff these days.” he said.

“Come on! It’s important! The Archmage told me to look it up!” I said, lying.

“Yeah, I heard you were doing some errands for him.” he sighed after saying that. “Very well, check that book shelf. That’s all you’ll get from me!”

I smiled, and headed over. For some reason, a certain book called out to me. It was called “The Book of the Dragonborn.” I took it, and ran off to my chambers.


I studied it all day, even skipping some lessons with Tolfdir, who was to teach me on some Alteration spells. But this book captivated me, the stories it told, of dragons, the Draugr,  even dragon priests that worshiped the dragons. They didn’t really want anything else but to rule the land in their own way. And that way, pertained to the death of many.

I put the book down and began to wonder. And then it all came me like a big fat iron ignot to the face:

The word I heard…..was a dragon word….

The dragon I saw almost a year ago….somehow I heard it’s name too…. Alduin!

I didn’t know how I knew, but all I could see were visions of darkness, of blood, and of death, all coming to life. I screamed, and the other students in the chambers came to me.

“Sanoa, what’s wrong?” Onmund asked, a fellow student.

“I…I don’t know….it’s…” I said, tears coming to my eyes. I never felt like this before.

“Sanoa, come with me.” a voice said. It was the Archmage, Savos Aren. He led me to his main chambers, near the top of the college.


“I’ve heard you have been studying up on dragons lately, correct?” the Archmage asked me.

“Yes. I’ve been…seeing things too. Visions, feelings. I can’t really explain it.” I said

“You’ve never really been a typical student here. Why would you think you’re having all this?”

“The first time I saw it….eyes that could pierce the heart of a Daedra, skins almost as black as ebony.” I told him.

“Your escape from Helgen?” he told me.

“Well…yes…but I never told anyone about that!” I said. No, I never told anyone the fact that I was at one of the first villages destroyed by a dragon.

“I know much about you Sanoa, that is why I let you stay and study at the college. Not many left Helgen alive that day.”

“The Imperial soldiers captured me for trying to steal from there. I almost lost my head! That dragon nearly saved my life. It’s like….it wanted to free me, keep me alive. But why?” I remembered it had the perfect chance to kill me, but it didn’t.

“Sanoa, I want you to go to Hrothgar. There, you will speak with the Greybeards. They can tell you much that I can not. You must leave at dawn.”


Whiterun, 1 Year 11 Months Prior the Siege

I decided to stop at Whiterun before I went to the tall mountain where Hrothgar was. I needed to rest from the long trek from Winterhold, anyways. And I thought I could see Farengar. But unfortunately, he was away on some business, so I started walking to the local inn; the Banded Mare, located around the marketplace.

On my way, I first spoke to a woman with pretty trinkets for a bit, then decided to turn around, and not really knowing there was someone behind, collided and knocked each other over.

“Ow!” I said, my butt hitting the ground. “I’m sorry….I…”

“It’s alright, it gets busy around this time.” The woman said, picking up some items on the ground. I noticed the sack she was carrying was torn, most likely after we hit.

“Here, want me to help you carry?” I offered.

“Yes, thank you. I’m not that far, just down the street a little.” she said, then getting a good look at me. “Wait, I’ve seen you around Dragonsreach…talking to Farengar.”

“Yes, I’m Sanoa. Farengar is a good friend of mine.” I explained.

“Oh I see. I’m Lydia, one of the Housecarls of Dragonsreach.” she told me. We started walking toward her destination.

“Who are you Housecarl for exactly? Are we going there now?” I asked. She hesitated at first, then began to explain.

“Well, yes, but that person is not around anymore. I now tend to the needs of Lady Aela.” she said.

“Wait, Aela? Isn’t she a Companion?” I asked, wondering why a Companion needed a Housecarl. They are usually quite self-sufficient themselves, and do not need protection.

“It’s…a little complicated.” Lydia explained. We shortly got to the house and opened the door. “This is it.”

Inside was a dimly lit and furnished room, with a cooking pot laying over a fire pit and some chairs. The fire was not lit, and Lydia led me to a table to set down items.

“You can set them here.” she said. “Thanks for your help, you should probably get going.” I began to nod, but then heard some shouting from the top of the stairs.

“Lydia….more mead!” she said.

“Yes, my Lady. We have a guest.” she said, faking a smile. It was Aela, and she started heading down the stairs in a odd fashion, leaning on the railway.

She was drunk.

“A guest, huh? Give her some mead as well.” she said, her words slurring together.

“I should go…” I offered.

“No! No one should drink alone. Lydia can’t hold her own with this stuff.” Aela said, and headed towards one of the chairs by the cooking pot. “Lydia, get her a mug.”

I sat down on the adjoining chair as Lydia gave me a full mug. Mead wasn’t really my drink of choice, but I guess it could be worse. As Aela slumped in her chair drinking, she didn’t say a word. I wondered if I should say something first, but didn’t really know what to say. It was only her second or third time she drank from her mug, I noticed the wedding band on her finger.

“You’re married, I take it. Where’s the lord of the homestead?” I asked her. She finished taking the sip and replied, disgruntled.

“If I had an answer, you would be the hundredth one to know about it.” she said. “Tell me young one, you have a lover?”

“Well, no. I don’t really….I guess I’m just not interested in the men in Skyrim. Maybe in other provinces, perhaps?” I said.

“Well, I’ll tell you about this man, with strength as sure as the wolf, and fierceness of a dragon. A man that could break even your walls. Ha!” she laughed, and took another swig from her drink. The dragon part of her intrigued me.

“What do you know about dragons?” I asked.

“Only that they are the ones that should kill us all. Damn shame too, they are taking their sweet time doing so.” she said, brutally honest. As the conversation continued, her depression started to seep into my mind.

“My lady….” Lydia interrupted, “It’s time for the Companions to meet. Are you well enough to attend?” she asked. Aela just looked at her for a moment and replied.

“Do I look well to you, Housecarl? Go in my stead.” Aela replied.

“Yes, m’lady. You should get some rest.” Lydia said, helping Aela get out of the chair.

“Well I guess that’s my cue!” I said, getting up.

“Wait outside by the door. I bet you could use some supplies. We have plenty.” Lydia offered. I nodded and headed out the door.


Lydia came outside with a bag in her hand and gave it to me.

“I’m sorry about that. Her loss is really affecting her.” Lydia said.

“Who was her husband?” I asked.

“The Thane of Whiterun. Jeric, the Dragonborn.”


One week later, High Hrothgar – 1 Year 10 Months Prior the Siege

Hrothgar was not easy to get to. It was almost at the peak of the highest mountain of Skyrim, and the environment was not friendly as well. It took me almost two days to head up, with gusts of wind and snow impeding my ascent up the path. But I made it none the less.

Inside the Greybeards would welcome me. They were old, but quiet, all robed and heavy in concentration in their own studies. I could tell they did not get out much, and had few visitors.

Arngeir was the first to speak to me. He was surprised to see me come here, as I was not summoned by them.

“What brings you here my child?” he said.

” I have…questions that need to be answered. About the dragons coming to Skyrim.” He nodded and led me to another chamber.

“What do you know about one named Alduin?” I asked. He sat down, and did not reply immediately, but sat and thought.

“Alduin..” he began. “was a powerful dragon from the old times. He led them all, and brought a darkness to the world, eventually becoming known as the World Eater. He has been gone for sometime now. How do you know of him?”

“Because I think I saw him….at Helgen.” I offered.

“Helgen? Then it is true, Alduin has come back.” he said, and got up from his chair. “Stay here for now, wait for my summoning, and when the time is right, we will speak more.”

“Wait, I’m just supposed to wait here? What is there to do around here?” I asked.

“There are some things even a young Mage can learn from us. Tell me, what do you know about the Voice?” he said.

“Well, I use it to speak.” I said, mocking him.

“No, the Way of the voice, the Dragon Tongue.” he corrected me. It was that moment, when a memory of the glowing wall from the tomb I was in came to me.

“Wait, there is a word that came to me once. I heard it when I was in an old Nordic Tomb.” I said.

“What word?” I tried to remember, it took me a moment.

“Fus was it?” I said.

“Force, in the dragon tongue. You may have the gift.” he said.

” What gift?”

“You my child, like another who has come before us, are a Dovahkiin; Dragonborn.”

I stared at him, surprised, and with my mouth hanging wide open.


Winterhold – 1 Year 7 Months Prior the Siege

After  studying and doing errands with the Greybeards for nearly three months, I finally came back to Winterhold. Reports of dragons attacking have been happening all over Skyrim. Not only that, but a new Vampire menace was on the loose as well. The Dawnguard were all slaughtered by a single vampire clan almost half a year back, and so I came back to the college, to see if I could help find a solution to this encumbering darkness.

No one was around when I arrived, and so I headed to the main hall. It turned out the Archmage called a meeting of all mages; teacher and student alike. It seemed like an emergency.
“Fellow Mages, a few nights ago, Winterhold was attacked by two invaders. They slaughtered many of the Jarl’s guard, but it was us Mages that helped put them down in the town. I’m afraid to inform all of you, that the attackers were Vampires. And we also suspect that they are Clan Volkihar, the mightiest of the clans.”

A worry started to overcome the crowd, also coming to me as well. I’ve survived a dragon attack, but I’ve never been up to a pure blood vampire lord before.

“Do not worry though, that it is our hard earned skills that will keep our college safe from such a threat. Together, we can defend Winterhold. We must be vigilant and precise. Be ready.” the Archmage said, then dismissing all everyone. He then noticed that I was in the room and approached me.

“Sanoa! I’m glad to see you. Tell me, how did everything go in Hrothgar?” he asked.

“There is a lot more we need to be ready for other than Vampires. Dragons are coming back, resurrected by Alduin.” I said.

“It truly is a dark time for us all.” he said, and right after that, we both heard a distant scream come from outside. A fellow  Mage came running to us, one that helped with the look out.

“Archmage! They’re coming! The Vampires are coming!” he said. We then heard a laugh come from inside the hall, echoing throughout it.

“They are already here. Ready yourselves!” the Archmage said, and prepared his hands with spells, Fire in one hand and a protection ward in the other. “Sanoa, get to the library!”

“The library?” I asked, wondering why.

“Yes, the knowledge of this castle must be protected! Urag is strong, but he will need help. GO!” he said. I nodded and started running up the staircase leading to the library.

As I ascended, I heard sounds of skirmishing coming from the library. I ran faster, and got to the main door, only to find Urag being bitten by a vampire.

“No! Urag!” I shouted, and the vampire then look at me and charged with an axe in hand. I readied a frost spell and casted it, freezing the vampire as it approached. The vampire was solid ice from a mere two feet from me, and I could see it’s eyes gazing at me, still aware. I then approached Urag, lying on the floor and bleeding out.

“Get out of here you fool, I’ve been bitten.” he grunted out.

“No, I can save you, it’s not too late.” I said.

“Stupid girl!” he shouted at me. But then a hand grabbed my shoulder, and flung me across the room into a bookshelf. It collapsed all around me, with pages gliding through the air from destroyed books. It didn’t keep me down though.

I got up, and shoved the books and wood off me, only to see a female vampire, clad in ebony like armor. She looked at me across the room with intent to kill me at first, but then stopped her approach. It’s was almost as if she recognized me.

“You….no…. no, it can’t be….” she said. And then Urag got up and put her into a choke hold, putting a knife into the back of her, where her armor was weak. She gasped in pain, and Urag twisted the knife in her more.

I got up to my feet now, but another vampire came into the room, and Elf by the looks of him, and saw what was happening.

“Serana!” he said, and started charging them. I casted a lightning bolt at him. It hit him, stopping him place, twitching for a bit, and then flung across the room with me charging the spell with even more power.

The vampire, Serana, then took her arms and grabbed Urag’s head, twisting it, and breaking his neck. He fell to the ground, and Serana did to, then taking the knife out of her back and throwing it to the ground.

As she lay there on her hands and knees, she coughed and then look up at me. I readied myself another lightning bolt, but then she turned into a swarm of bats, leaving the room. The Elf vampire got back up, and did the same. I could only just stand there now, feeling sorry for Urag.


I headed to the top of the College now, after hearing some magic spells being casted. I saw the Archmage using lightning spells towards a vampire, who wore the most evil looking black armor I’ve ever seen. Just by that sight, I knew it was the Vampire Lord of the clan himself.

He dodged the spells, and quickly got to the Archmage, grabbing him by the throat and picking him up. He held the Archmage high off the ground, and there was nothing he could. I casted a lightning bolt at the dark vampire, but the lightning was just channeled through his armor, and ended up singeing the Archmage.

“No!” I said, and with that, the Vampire lord took his sword, and stabbed the Archmage, then let go of his throat, and swung his sword again to decapitate him. All of this happening almost faster than I could comprehend.

He looked at me now, with eyes angry, a dark resonance coming from the stare alone, making me think of the dark dragon I once saw.

“He was supposed to be a good meal. But I guess your incompetence has failed him, and you.” He said approaching. I casted a fire bolt this time, using two hands to double the power of it, but it was no use. There was some sort of enchantment his armor had, that made spells useless against him. He grabbed my throat, and held me high.

“I guess you will just have to suffice.” he said. As he held me, choking me, I tried to speak a word that I hope would help me.

“F…..fff…” I choked out.

“What are you saying?” he said, bringing his ear closer to me.

“Fus….” I muttered.

“Fus? Dragon word for Force, interesting you would know this word.” He said, then pulled his head back. I looked at him trying to figure out how he knew that. I then tried another word.

“A…..Aela…” I choked out.

His grin then turned into a frown, and he just stared at me, as if he knew the name. He dropped me to the ground, choking as I gasped for air. He turned around and started to walk away from me.

“You’re him…*cough* you’re Jeric, the Dragonborn!” I said, now connecting the clues together. He looked back at me, despair in his eyes, and then became into a swarm of bats and rose into the air. A number of other swarms rose with him as well, and I gathered that he called off his assault.

We counted our losses, which were high. With the Archmage gone, there was now need for a successor. The only thing I could think of though, was the name of his wife resonating in his ear, and in his soul.


Whiterun – 1 Year, 6 months Prior the Siege

I approached the home that Aela stayed in, and knocked on the front door. Lydia then saw me as she approached the home herself.

“Sanoa! It’s good to see you!” she greeted.

“Lydia, is Aela home?” I asked.

“She should be, here let me get the door.” She said, and opened it. We went inside, and a man started coming down from the stairs. He was hooking up the rest of his battle garb and fixing it. Seems like Aela had been….busy.

The man stopped, and then approached, with intention to leave. He wasn’t the most attractive man I’ve seen, bald, with one eye looking as if it is blind, but to each their own.

“Housecarl.” he said, as he went passed us.

“Skjor.” She acknowledged him. Aela then came down the stairs, looking a lot more sober than the last time I saw her.

“Sanoa? What are you doing here?” she asked, surprised to see me.

“I have to tell you something.” I said. “Um, Lydia can you give us a moment.” She nodded, and went into another room. And I came closer to Aela.

“Aela, your husband Jeric, is alive. He has become the new vampire lord of Clan Volkihar.” I explained.

“How do you know this?” she whispered.

“He attacked Winterhold, but I stopped him. I mentioned your name, and he seized his assault.” She looked the other way, thinking about what I just said. Then turned back to me.

“Please, leave me.” she said. I nodded, and as she turned away and headed back up the stairs, I went out the door, my companions greeting me as I came outside.

“Come now, my business here is concluded.” I said to them.

“Understood.” said Onmund. “What are we to do now?”

“We have a lot of work ahead of us, for Skyrim will need all the help it can get. Let’s go.” I said.

“Yes,  Archmage.” Onmund acknowledged, nodding to Faralda, my other assistant.

And we set off, and went off into finding the supernatural, the odd, and the magic that was waiting for us.

-To Be Continued, as Jeric-

Episode 7 – Disarray

Windhelm – 1 Year, 8 Months Prior the Siege

Windhelm was cold, and snowy, just like Castle Volkihar. I would have not figured anyone would want to live here, yet be in charge of the entire town. Here, Uflric Stormcloak would cohere himself and his forces as they would get ready to pursue their great conquest to reclaim Skyrim from the Imperial Legion. I never cared about the war. Being Thane of Whiterun gave me some insight, but there was no reason for Whiterun to take sides with the Stormcloaks or the Legion. But inevitably, that was all going to change.

Vingalmo became my main source of intelligence of all Skyrim as I sat on my throne at Castle Volkihar. Shortly after I claimed it from Harkon, he came to me with some disturbing news, telling me of Ulfric’s forces being defeated by the Legion slowly. Vingalmo also explained this might be a very good opportunity for protecting our clan against the the forces that constantly hunt us: the Dawnguard. Everyday, they would hunt and kill vampires, even those that had hid away from the world, and try not to fall to their own craving for blood. And so the Dawnguard’s slaughter of our kind became their creed.

So I am brought here now, in the Jarl’s own throne room. At first his guards tried to take me out, but they were no match for a Vampire Lord. Uflric himself tried to shout a Thu’um to stop me, but I was too fast for him. I could match his Thu’um, and even perhaps kill him, but that was not my intention for the day. And I didn’t want to let him know who I truly was.

“You’ve been trained well, Jarl of Windhelm.” I said, hidden from his sight, while using my vampire invisibility.

“Who are you? Show yourself!” he demanded.

“Oh come now, that is no way to show respect for someone who might have a solution to your problems. I know your conquest is not going well with the Legion. I may have a…the… answer.”

Ulfric, sheathing his blade, stood down and told the rest of his guard to do so as well.

“What do you propose?” he asked.

“I can give you Markath. My agents have been operating there for some time now, and we know how to take it from the Legion, slipping it from under their own feet. You know that having that hold would give you striking distance against the Legion, and solidify your position in your conquest.”

“And what do you want in return?” he asked.

“Riften. You send your forces there to wipe out the Imperial presence, so my clan can take care of another force massing near there.”

“I should’ve known who you were, Vampire. You’re after the Dawnguard who are massing south of Riften.” he said. I then revealed myself to him.

“Very astute Jarl. Maybe someday you will become the High King. But that day is not today.” I said. He looked at me, studying the dark armor I now wore.

“I would never really trust anyone who would wear Daedric Armor in my presence, yet you have a very satisfying proposal. What if I refuse?” he asked.

“Then I kill you where you stand, before even your grunt over there could get his axe close enough to me.” I said, mentioning his second, Galmar.

“A stiff bargain…very well. I accept your terms.” he said.

“Oh, and just one more thing,” I said getting closer to him. “If you come anywhere near Whiterun, my vampires will round up every last Stormcloak and use you for cattle for as long as you live. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” He said, looking away from me and straight ahead, intimidated.

“Good. You will see me again in six months. In the meantime, have your forces ready to attack Riften.” I said, turning and heading out. Fear filled the room, and I could sense it. I left satisfied knowing that Ulfric was ready to bend to my will.


Dragonsreach, Whiterun – The Siege – Present Day

Ulfric unsheathed his sword, and put it against my neck, ready to pull it back and take my head. Irony was all I could think of at this moment; I had him at his mercy, and now at mine. Out of all the battles, all the bloodshed that I have caused, this was how I was going to die.

He pulled back, but stopped, as we both heard the howls of wolves coming from behind him. Ulfric turned, and I gazed to where the sound came from, only to be turned into growling, screaming, and struggling from guards being torn apart by two Lycans.

The Guards that kept me at bay let go of me, and unsheathed their swords to stand up against the new threat. I pushed off to my left, and tackled one. Rolling off and away now, the guard tried getting back up, but was then tackled by one of the Lycans. The Lycan turned to me, and I recognized him; Vilkas, one of the twin brothers that was part of the Circle.

Ulfric tried to shout at the other Lycan, who I presumed was Farkas, the other brother, and missed. The Lycan moving was just too fast, and anticipated much. Ulfric and Galmar then retreated to one of the adjacent rooms and shut the door. I began to ran to the front door, as both brothers covered my retreat.

Shortly they followed, and led me down the stairs and to a hidden gate that lead out of Whiterun. About seven soldiers pursued us outside, but were taken out by archers, who were Companions. Vilkas and Farkas turned into human form and grabbed their gear. Vilkas then cut my bounds, and I took off the cloth gagging me.

“Come on, we have to move!” Vilkas said.

“Wait, my daughter!” I said, worried.

“She’s safe, Jeric. Come now we must hurry!”

We started to run, and as the archers covered our retreat,the Stormcloaks stopped pursuing. We were safe, for now.


Castle Volkihar1 Year, 8 Months Prior the Siege

I came back to the castle, satisfied with the deal I just made. I could hear some of the clan having some fun with the pet Death Hounds, probably pitting them against each other again. One would nearly kill the other, but soon come back to life, because it too was of vampire blood. Serana soon met me.

“I take it everything went to plan, my lord?” she said.

“It did. The Dawnguard will soon be no longer of a nuisance to us and our kind.” I said. I got onto the terrace ready to address the eager crowd.

“My brethren,” I started. “Tonight is momentous occasion, as the great vampire hunters known as the Dawnguard shall soon become extinct. Ulfric has promised us access to Riften, and with it, a way to Fort Dawnguard in Dayspring Canyon.”

Everyone started to cheer and clap.

“Now we prepare for the onslaught. Go now, and ready yourselves. It shall be quite the battle.” I said, dismissing everyone. Serana joined me on the terrace.

“I think you’re taking this Lord of Clan Volkihar quite well. You’ve settled in, and no one questions your motives.” she said, crossing her arms and leaning on a wall.

” The Dawnguard have no business slaying our kind. Even before I took the mantle, they had no right calling our lives forfeit. They will get what is coming to them.” I said back.

“Well spoken. Vingalmo believes that we can coordinate with some members of the Thieve’s Guild in Riften. They should be able to give us an advantage we need, as well as the jump on the Dawnguard. ” she said, and went to her own chambers to prepare.


Outskirts of Whiterun Territory – The Siege

Our retreat went on until the next morning, where we all gathered near Dustman’s Cairn, an old Nordic Tomb that I once helped clear out with Farkas. It was there, that the surviving Companions gathered. Eorlund, the main blacksmith of the group, was there with his wife, and my daughter Lucia! She came running towards me as soon as she saw me.

“Papa!” she said, and I bent down to embrace her.

“Oh, Lucia! I’m so glad you are safe!” I said. We separated, and I turned to Eorlund. “Is this all who made it?”

“Yes, nine in all. I’m afraid most perished in the defense of Whiterun.” Eorlund finished.

“Wait, where’s Kodlak?” I said. Vilkas approached me, with what looked like a heavy heart.

“I’m afraid it’s more complicated than you think, Jeric. We have been betrayed.” Vilkas said, and told me what happened.


Jorvaskrr, Whiterun – The Start of the Siege

They started firing their catapults at us. We could not see them mass due to the nightfall, but that was the only warning we got. We were so off guard that there was more panic than retaliation. And because of that, it was easy for the Stormcloaks to come pouring into Whiterun’s main gates.

Aela was rounding all of us together, those who were in the near proximity. She ordered my brother and I to protect Eorlund and his wife. Aela knew that we couldn’t hold them off, and told us to help evacuate the citizens. She then went to go find Kodlak, who was last seen in the basement of Jorvaskrr. That’s where she found him, dead in his bed.

She wasn’t sure who did it at first, but then she went out to get Lucia and bring her to us. When she got her, some soldiers came over the walls and started to attack. She told Lucia to go, but Lucia hid behind a haystack. That is where she saw it. Skjor met up with Aela, and he stabbed her in the side. Lucia screamed, and Skjor then noticed her, but Aela took Skjor and pushed him off the wall, falling. Bleeding, Aela then told Lucia to head to Jorvaskrr where she would be safe. Aela then stayed, soon to meet her fate.


“Aela…” I said. “She couldn’t change, because she must’ve lost too much blood to do so.” I fell to my knees. “Why would Skjor do this?”

Vilkas put his arm on my shoulder. “We don’t know. His betrayal hurts more than any wound a Companion has experienced.”

Betrayal….I knew how the other side of that felt.


Fort Dawnguard, Dayspring Canyon –  1 Year, 8 Months Prior the Siege

Three days of preparing, my army of thirty vampires followed me when the crescent moon held highest at night. Thirty may not seem like an army against the legion of Dawnguard soldiers, whose ranks numbered in the hundreds, but we were pure blood vampires. The odds were more in our favor than they would think.

This would be the hour that the Dawnguard would fall. We rushed the gates, killing all those who stood in our path. One by one, they would fall by our blades, axes, arrows and destructive magic spells. One by one, the Dawnguard would end.

As the main battle went on outside, a few clan members accompanied Serana and I into the heart of the Fort, where the main leader, Isran would be. He, the mightiest of all the Dawnguard, would only be for me.

Isran stood in the middle of the main hall, and ordered his troops at us. I ordered mine, and they clashed against them. As they fought, I approached closer and closer to their ill fated leader. After skirmishing with his vanguard of two soldiers, the time came at last.

“Come face me, you abomination!” he said, taking out his war hammer from behind his back.

“Your death will be the sweetest of them all.” I said, readying my Daedric sword. He charged and came down with his hammer, but I quickly dodged it, and slashed his shoulder. He felt the pain, but did not let it bring his assault down. He swung again, and I parried his attack, using my vampire strength against his mighty weapon. But then a Danwguard soldier fired a bolt from his crossbow, hitting me in my neck which wasn’t covered by the armor I wore, nor my helmet. Isran then kicked me in the chest, and I lost my balance and fell. He was a formidable opponent.

I fell to the ground, and he came down again with his hammer. I rolled to the side, my helmet falling off and getting smashed by his attack. Serana quickly took care of the crossbowman with a Lightning spell she knew, singeing him in the process. I ripped the arrow out, knowing that wound would heal if I feasted. As I got back up, Isran gasped when he got a clear view of my face.

“You…” he said, recognizing exactly who I was. “I know who you are!”

“I am your reckoning. No more games!” I said, quickly charging into him, grabbing his throat and pinning him to a wall.

“Why?” he choked out. Why betray your own kind and become this?”

“Because…” I started, my grasp tightening, and my fingers starting to draw blood from his neck. “You, mundane, betray my kind!” I finished, and I took my other hand to his chest, stabilizing him, and ripped out the front of his throat. Blood flowed from the wound, coughing and gurgling now being the only sounds he could make as he fell to the ground. I walked away, not wanting any of his filth blood for my own.

The rest of my clan slaughtered the rest of the Dawnguard, feeding as they slayed them. I looked upon my clan with pride, knowing now that the annoyance of the Dawnguard was over. The day was ours, and we celebrated our victory with a giant feast.


Outskirts of Whiterun – The Siege Aftermath – Present Day

The sun started to come out, and I sat in the pit that lead into the Nordic tomb with Lucia, holding her head to my chest. She could not stop thinking of Aela, and neither could I. I knew not of what to do next, as the Companions began to gather what supplies they mustered from Jorvaskrr and prepared to move out.

But then our lookouts alerted that someone was approaching. I stood up, and went up the stairs out of the pit. I stood next to Eorlund, and watched as they approached. And soon I recognized who it was: Imperial Soldiers!

I started approaching them. There must have been at least twenty or thirty men. The lead member got off their horse and approached me.

“If you are here to reinforce us, you’re a little late.” I said, disgruntled.

“I’m sorry my Thane, but we had our own problems” the leader said, and I recognized the womanly voice. She took off her helmet to reveal herself.

” Lydia? What are you doing here? I thought you were in Falkreath!” I said. Lydia used to be my Housecarl when I was appointed Thane. She was sworn to protect me, and watch over me. But soon after, her services were rendered useless, as soon as I married Aela. Aela and I were almost inseparable. She soon went to Falkreath, to serve the Jarl there with my blessing.

“Falkreath has fallen, not soon before Whiterun. It’s like they attacked us all simultaneously; one coordinated blow.” she said.

“How could the Stormcloaks amass such an army?” Farkas said. The Legion outnumbers them at least two to one!”

“They have help.” Lydia said, and she took out a piece of cloth she snatched from a previous battle and handed it to Farkas.

“I don’t believe it….The Silver Hand!” he said. The Silver Hand was an organization of Werewolf hunters, similar to the Dawnguard. Kodlak and his Companions had plenty of skirmishes with them in the past.

“That’s not all, it’s possible that Ulfric made dealings with others, namely the Forsworn. And you know those nomads are scattered all over Skyrim.” she explained.

“With a force like that, they could stand a chance against the empire.” I said.

“We have to find a place to hold. We’re cut off to the south, the Forsworn block the road to the east, and Whiterun is west of us. This only leaves the Pale to the north for us to escape.” Lydia said.

“If we go to the Pale, then we should head to Fort Dunstead. It’s possible that the Stormcloak’s have a light presence there. Besides, we can resupply at my home before we head there. I’ve been stockpiling for some time now, in case dragons were ready to attack again.” I offered.

We all agreed, and began to head out. All of us knew that we had no chance. The Legion was no where to be found.  We all knew that this coming battle, would be our last stand.

-To Be Continued-

Episode 6 – The Absolute of Power

Somewhere in Skyrim – 2 Years prior the Siege

There comes a point in one’s life where time stands still. Everything around you becomes like an inanimate object, and the only things moving are the thoughts in your head. It doesn’t make sense, and the only thing you can do is stare. That is the way I felt when I first laid eyes on the woman in front of me, who seemed asleep at first, but slowly regained consciousness. Her eyes slowly opened, and as she fell forward , I caught her, almost getting hit on the head by something she was carrying on her back.

“Where…who….who are you?” she asked. She then stood on her own, dusting off her garb and cloak.

“Wait…you…you’re…like me, aren’t you?”

“Yes.” I said, nodding.

“Did my father send you? Why are you here?”

“I wandered into this place. Somehow, it called to me.” I answered.

“Then…then he didn’t. But…you have the gift. Something isn’t….you’re lying!” She said, stepping away from me.

“No I….I was bitten, on a return trip from Riften by a couple of rogue vampires.” I replied, hastily.

“Bitten? Wait…no! This is not good!” she said, worried now.

“What’s not good?” I asked.

“If you were bitten, then…” she stopped.

“What is going on?” I asked, frustrated.

“My father is one of the few pure blood vampires like me. Tell me, how long did it take you to turn?”

“No more than a few hours” I replied.

“Then you have the pure blood in you. My father would not do this….unless he’s preparing. We must go.” She said, and started heading out.

“Wait….go where? I don’t even know your name!” I said.

“I am Serana, daughter of Harkon.” she said.

“THE Harkon!? One of the great vampire lords of all Tamriel, the same one who made a deal with the Daedric prince Molag Bal so long ago?” I said, stunned.

“Yes, the same one.” she said, smirking a little. “Tell me, how long has it been since then?” she asked me.

“Quite a few centuries.” I said.

“Centuries….” she said under her breathe. “We have no time then. We must go to him!”

“Why? What exactly is he preparing for?” I asked.


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Episode 5 – Ensnared

Somewhere in Skyrim – 2 Years Ago

It burned….burned like the hottest fires. Pain was all I could feel. Not knowing where I was, who I was with, this sense of….of darkness coming down all over me. It felt like an eternity at first, but it then went away. I could see the partial moon in the night sky. It was still dark. I fell. I fell off the the cliff above me! But how…how am I…my ribs…my ribs are fine.

The next thing I could notice at this point was the body laying next to me. I got up slowly to see who it was. It was a man, a man who looked familiar.

Oh gods….Proventus….what have I done? His neck was completely twisted. Did I do this? Then it came to me, he came to me, calling my name….asking….to die? My grief slowly faded, as I sat with my head in my hands. Wait….I was with…Aela!

I was about to shout her name when…when this hunger just overtook me. Hunger… for blood…I wanted, I needed some to feast upon. But why?

Proventus….I was about to kill him. Then, just then, I remembered.

“Come on! He’s down there! Jeric!!” I heard from above. Aela, she must’ve gotten help. No…the Dawnguard! They would kill me for sure! I have to flee. I have to get away!!

And I ran. I ran for the life in which I had left dwindling inside me.


Dragonsreach, Whiterun – The Siege –  Present Day

The brute, the monster that was Galmar Stone-Fist, showed no quarter, no mercy as I lay watch to the slaughter that entailed from his Battleaxe in the great halls of Dragonsreach. As second in command of the Stormcloaks, wearing  the battle garb of a bear he killed only to show his enemies intimidation, his fury was known throughout the land.

I learned all the in and outs of Dragonsreach; the route from the Dungeons, up to the highest points of the hall itself. And from these high points are where I lay witness to the slaughter. The Whiterun guards were no match for Galmar and his guards. This was cleanup though. Ulfric had his target, his pound of flesh. I knew the crusade into Whiterun for the Jarl was over.

I followed quietly from the rafters above as Galmar headed to the main throne room of Dragonsreach. Galmar, bloodied and proud, prepared to celebrate the victory, as he lay wait for the Jarl, who has already been captured, was eager to deliver the coup de grâce that would finish the siege. He wore the blood like a badge of honor.

Blood….the very essence I resent.


Somewhere in Skyrim – 2 Years prior the Siege

I was ahead of them, and gaining distance. I knew that I was fast, and somehow this hunger inside me drove my abilities further than I have ever reached before. I was running like a horse it seemed. But then I only noticed that my body was not of it’s own form anymore. Out of the corner of my peripheral vision, were bats. And lots of bats. A group of them all flying in the same direction I was running. Suddenly I noticed, I was not running. Somehow, as my hunger became greater, my powers did as well.

I was astonished by this, my own dragon shouting could not sustain the speed and form that I had now. I pushed myself more, going faster and faster. But the next thing that caught my attention distracted me from my experience. Blood, flesh, it smelled ripe, it smelled pure. And it was close. There was an abundance of it, all of it huddled together!

And then I looked ahead of me. It was a town, a hold, filled with bodies I could feast from. I recognized this hold, Falkreath; the southern hold of Skyrim. This is where I would come to feed, to sleep, to stock on supplies. And now, it would serve in me a new way.

The sweet smell taunted me, lured me to the nearest person, a guard, one of two around the entrance. They were tired, and not really standing to the watch very well. I could do this simple and quick.

I approached one from behind, and as his mouth opened for a yawn, mine opened with every intent to feed.


Four bodies, four delightful feedings, two guards, and now two patrons from the local inn, were mine for the taking. As I finished the last of them, I heard a voice from behind me.

“Oh my…..what are you doing?!” It was the bar keeper, one I once knew before. But the name escaped me, as she fled to the entrance. I followed her, but not long before she cried for help. “Vampire!”

I stopped, and the word resonated in my ears, as it made me think. Vampire….vampires! Wait, this not me! I’m not a vampire! But I had no time to contemplate it, as a number of guards began to surround the entrance.

“He’s at the Dead Man’s Drink! Hurry!” another shouted. I thought about the irony a quick second, only to come to realize that the dead man would soon be me.

As the guards began to enter, I shouted my Thu’um of Unrelenting Force at them, the wave pushing them forward, and blasting out through the entrance, and knocking down the walls around it. I then fled the inn, trying to run and turn into the swarming bat form I once was, but it didn’t work this time. The only thing I could do was run as quickly as I could, and implement my Whirlwind Sprint shout to escape.

They stopped their pursuit as soon as I reached the outer edge of the town, and into the darkness of a nearby forest. As I stood now, looking back, I tried to think of what happened, what devilry became of me to do something so wicked.


Dragonsreach, Whiterun – The Siege

I stayed my spot, trying to decide my course of action into trying to attack, and possibly save the Jarl. But there were too many of them. And Galmar himself was said to be able to take on legions of troops alone. This would be no easy task. But time was running out, and I saw both the Jarl and his court wizard Farengar being dragged out in front of the throne, their arms bound.

“You damned Stormcloaks! You have been driven to madness!” Farengar said.

“Madness? No….this….” Galmar said as he kicked the back of Farengar’s leg, bringing him to his knees. “This is liberation!”

“Liberating a province that is almost ready to be overtaken by Dragons. Do you not have any sense?” Farengar asked bitterly. Right after, doors could be heard opening from the side of the hall, and Ulfric Stormcloak himself came out.

“All the sense in the world, my dear enchanter,” he began. “What good is a province if it’s out fighting it’s own? Then again, sometimes the best course of action is to cut off the infection. And unfortunately, it is you.”

Galmar took out his huge battleaxe from behind his back, and swung at Farengar’s head, separating it from the body, and rolling down the stairs into the dining area. I flinched, as I saw the life of the wisest of Whiterun fade away. Galmar then signaled to the Stormcloak soldiers holding Balgruuf, and they brought him to his knees. I grappled my dragon sword.

“Wait,” Ulfric said, his word silencing everyone in the great hall, a word that felt like a dragon shout.  He approached the Jarl. “Do you know what this is?” he asked, taking out an axe from his belt. Balgruuf, beaten and bloodied, studied it, and recognized it.

“That axe….was used as a gift for peace between our two holds,” he coughed out. “It was never returned to me. A sign…that peace would be between the two of us.”

“Well I couldn’t let you know I was coming now.” Ulfric explained.

“You’re above this! You are man of honor. You yourself studied with the Greybeards for quite sometime! Have you know decency?” Balgruuf asked, desperately.

“It’s Skyrim who has lost it’s decency! Every day we are made pawns of the Legion. I’ve seen my brothers and sisters slain on the battlefield, and never honored for their sacrifice. This is justice, Balgruuf! A justice that must be held to the extent!”

“So betraying the Greybeards, murdering the emperor, and sieging my hold is the answer?”  Balgruff asked.

“Quiet runt! You’re speaking to the next High King of Skyrim!” Galmar said. I wanted to attack, but for some reason, my will wouldn’t let me.

“It’s alright, Galmar.” Ulfric said. He bent down to Balgruuf. “I wish you could join me, brother. I could use you at my side.” Balgruuf mustered the remaining saliva in his mouth, and spat in Ulfric’s face. And the next thing I could see was Ulfric standing, readying the ax that Balgruff gave him, and cut off the head of the great Jarl of Whiterun.

“NO!” I said, breaking Ulfric’s snare effect, coming down on Galmar and chopping off his right arm. He screamed in pain, and as I picked up my sword to swing at Ulfric, he shouted a Thu’um at me, one so strong it took me off balance, making me fall on my back, disoriented. I looked up as Ulfric approached me.

“So, the great Dragonborn still lives.” he said, motioning soldiers to pick me up and bind me. “I never thought I would see you again. But, at the time, you were so much different,” he said, and I knew exactly what he meant.


Outer Rim of Falkreath territory – 2 Years Prior the Siege

I kept my distance from Falkreath, trying to control what I have become. I would remain out on the rim for at least three days, finding shelter to hide from the sun, as it would burn my skin. I kept my strength up by feeding off of rabbits, foxes, and the elk that roamed the area. None of it really quenched my thirst for human blood though. I was afraid it would be only a matter of time before the thirst would take over me again.

Now, I could tell the sun was starting to set from the cave I was in. I moved out from it, and started looking for another meal. But then I smelled it, a scent of human coming my way. Then there were voices.

“Are you sure about this?” one voice said.

“Yes, I’m positive. He has to be out here somewhere.” It was Aela. Somehow, she tracked me down. But, why would she bring others?

I went closer to them, trying to get a better view of the party. There were four men accompanying her, all with Dawnguard uniforms on. At first, I thought she got them to try to kill me. But then I listened some more.

“If your husband is still alive, it’s more likely he is a vampire by now. It takes about three days for vampirism to set in. It’s been far longer than that,” the lead soldier said. This made me think, it took far quicker than three days to turn me into this.

“Ollrod, there still could be a chance. I have to believe…” she trailed off. And they stopped in their place. “He’s alive damnit! That vampire is still out  here that attacked us!”

They were close now, and the only way to escape was through them. My vampiric powers were near full strength as the thirst grew, and I attacked the soldiers around Aela as fast as I could, using the dagger I still had. One by one, as quickly as I could, I stabbed them in the chest, making their deaths quick. Aela retaliated, taking her blade out to swing at me, eventually landing a hit, cutting my hand, and my dagger fell to the ground.

I stopped my attack, and Aela then got a glimpse at me.

“Jeric?” she said, in disbelief. And then, as a sadness reached into her eyes that met mine, there was no other way. I used my shout that made time stand still. Still staring into her eyes, I got closer, and as she stood still, I touched her cheek, using my vampiric speed to then get away from her. I  grabbed a fallen Dawnguard’s ax, and put it right into the chest of Ollrod as I escaped, leaving no witnesses but her.

From that point on for a year, that would be the last time I would see my wife.


Days went by, I wondered the southern regions of Skyrim, not knowing where to go. The blood I got from the animals was not lasting me, and my thirst soon grew into a disorienting weakness.

One day though, I stumbled into a cave, a cave that ran so deep, that I knew it was more than that, it was a crypt. I figured this would be my place of solitude, to hide away this form, this damned forsaken sickness from the world. I may be thirsting for blood, but somehow, my awareness of what I should be was still intact; Dragonborn.

I wondered the caverns further, until I stumbled into what seemed like a tomb. Something about this tomb was calling out to me, resonating in my own blood. It was old, perhaps older than I could imagine.

There was a pedestal in the center a large circled floor, and I investigated it. There was a switch, in the center of it, and I pushed it.

A noise resonated throughout the cavern, and the pedestal opened up. Air, stale and old came out from it, and as the dust settled, the only thing that caught my eye was a beautiful woman asleep in it. And I knew she was like me:



-To Be Continued-

Episode 4 – Portent of Shadows

Whiterun – 2 Years Prior the Siege

“I hear they are reforming the Dawnguard.” a Whitrun guard said, as I was passing him by on the streets. I stopped and turned to him to inquire.

“The Dawnguard? Isn’t that some sort of, elite hunting unit?” I asked.

“Yes, an ancient hunting unit. You are aware of what they hunt, don’t you?” he said. I shook my head. “The Dawnguard are renown for hunting and killing vampires.”

“Vampires? What makes you think there are Vampires that still roam the lands of Skyrim? There hasn’t been a sighting in decades.” I said.

“Yes, but there have been whispers. Dragons have started appearing after hundreds of years of silence, and now vampires are making a return. This truly could be the end of times!” he said.

“Quiet! If I hear rumors spreading like that around Whiterun, you will be the first to answer for it!” I scolded. He stood to attention.

“My Thane, I apologize for my insubordination. I will hold my tongue.” he apologized. I nodded, and came closer to him, almost whispering to him.

“We can’t let the moral of the town go down. Right now, we need to keep our spirits high. You understand me?” I asked.

“Yes my lord, thank you.”

“Good. Carry on.” I said, and headed to Dragonsreach. Aela was waiting halfway up the steps to the great hold, and we proceeded inside.


“Ah, Jeric! Good. We have matters to discuss,” the Jarl greeted us. “And this will be good for the Companions to hear as well. Word has spread across Skyrim of Vampire sightings. The Dawnguard is said to be reforming.”

“Truly, what business is it for us about the Dawnguard?” I asked.

“Well, if there have been vampires in the area, then it might be a good idea to send word for help. Plus, it might not be a bad idea to have an elite guard on our side.” The Jarl explained.

“I agree, Jeric. The Companions are few, and there are not enough men in Whiterun to withstand an attack. Dragon, Stormcloak, Legion or otherwise.” Aela added. I nodded in agreement.

“Well, then it would probably be a good idea to send an envoy to where they reside. Who would you send?” I asked.

“You of course. The Dragonborn would certainly hold some persuasion in the matter of convincing them.”

“I’ll go with you. Having a Companion with you might help as well.” Aela contributed.

“Alright then, we leave immediately. Where are they gathering?” I inquired.

“They have a fortress in Dayspring Canyon. Just south of Riften.” the Jarl said. “Also, Proventus Avenicci will accompany you.”

“Sire, I don’t think Riften will be a good place for the Steward of Whiterun.” I said with concern.

“We have a Tax Charter with Riften and their Jarl, I’m sure this would prove an opportune moment to ratify and update it” Proventus said. I grumbled under my breathe.

“Very well. Let’s go.” I said. And we headed for the south eastern regions of Skyrim.


Dragonsreach Dungeons – Whiterun – The Siege – Present Day

Stealth was my only asset now. I had no one to accompany me, as I made my way to the bowels of Dragonsreach that is the dungeons. No one really was imprisoned there, since Whiterun was filled with good law abiding people. But there was the occasional out of towner or thief that decided to stop by the city, testing their luck, and the law.

My studies with the Greybeards have taught me a lot about dragon shouting. The one that aided me the most right now, would be the Throw Voice shout, or ZUL MEY GUT in the dragon tongue. This way, I could create a distraction to some of the invading soldiers by making them hear voices from where I wished, and I would slip pass them with ease.

I reached the bottom of the Dragonsreach, and as Irileth suspected, there were no soldiers. What business would they have invading a dungeon anyways? No, Ulfric’s main attention was to get to the Jarl, which ironically was mine. I entered, and a great vastness, devoid of any natural light, lay before me. And with that, I thought, was symbolic of the great darkness that once ensnared my soul.


Two days away from Riften – 2 Years Prior the Siege

It was a three and a half day journey from Whiterun to Riften, a journey that would have to take us around the Throat of the World, Skyrim’s tallest mountain, and also the location of High Hrothgar, where the Greybeards resided.

“We should camp here tonight,” Aela suggested.

“Ivanstead is just a few hours from here. We can make it to there. I hear they have good ale at the Inn” Proventus said, laughing.

“I’m sorry Steward, but when my wife suggests that we should camp here, then there is damn good reason.” I said. Proventus offered little protest, but decided to get the gear from his horse, and started making his tent. Aela and I did the same with ours.

As he worked, I turned closer to Aela, knowing exactly why she suggested it.

“There’s a full moon tonight,” I said. Aela swallowed, and nodded.

“There’s still no way to control it at this time. I can pretend I’m taking the first watch” she said. I agreed with her, and continued to unpack my gear.


Whiterun – 2.5 years prior the Siege

I can recall the first time I saw Aela change. It was shortly after we were married that I noticed her leaving the house. I decided to follow her, since she made no word of this. I kept my distance from her, and found she made her way to Jorvaskrr, but she did not enter it. Instead, she went around the left side, towards the rocks beside it. There, a secret passage opened, and she went inside.

I could not follow her in time to enter, but two more Companions made their way into the secret passage as well. I could tell it was the twin brothers; Vilkas and Farkas. They pushed a hidden lever, and entered the rock formation. Noticing where the lever was, I pushed it myself and I entered.

Inside was a path, slightly lit and narrow. I could hear voices down the hall, but then I heard something else; the roars of a great beast. I stopped, and grabbed the dagger that I had. And out came after me was a werewolf, the size of a man.

It tackled me, but I kicked it off. Getting up I readied my dagger, and it turned to me. It was ready to charge, but then I heard Aela calling out for it to wait. I turned to her.

“What’s going on here? I asked, sternly.

” Jeric, I’m sure you remember Skjor.” she said.

“Skjor? But, he’s a companion!” I said.

“Come, we have a lot to talk about.” she said.


“So you, Skjor, Vilkas and Falkas…’re all werewolves.” I said, still in awe over the whole situation.

“Yes. Kodlak is one as well.” she said.

“Kodlak? The head of the Companions? So are all Companions like this?” I asked.

“No, just everyone you see in here.  We are members of the Circle. And no one knows of this. Not even the others.” she explained further.

“Much to Aela’s protest, it is a curse.” Kodlak said, entering the cave’s main meeting place. “But she, like the others, wanted to have the beast bloodline in them as well. So I introduced it. It does have advantages in combat, and it’s drawbacks though.”

“During full moons nights, we can’t control our transformation. But during nights where there is no moon, we can’t change at all, and that could prove…unfortunate. When it comes down to it, this may give us the advantage to protect Whiterun. But we don’t want to expose ourselves to the society yet.” Aela continued. And with that, she asked for the others for a moment alone with me.

“Well, I knew you were different. I just never really thought my wife would be a…wolf. I hope you don’t eat me in the near future though” I said, half jokingly. “But, if this proves to be useful, and can bring peace to the land, then perhaps we can start thinking about more homely things?” I suggested.

“Jeric, there’s something else too,” she said, grabbing my hands. ” I can’t have children. I don’t know why, but we assume it’s from the beast blood.”  I looked at her, flabbergasted. “I’m sorry, I’m not really sure how much this means to you, but you have to know I never wanted children when I obtained this gift. But, time changes much.”

I nodded, and embraced her for a kiss, comforting her that it was ok.


Riften – 2 Years Prior the Siege

We arrived at Riften at noon. Proventus headed straight to the Jarl’s hold in town, while Aela and I went to the local Inn called the Bee and Barb.

We got lucky. While Proventus was speaking to the Jarl of Riften, Aela and I met up with some of the Dawnguard members there, who were indulging in some drinks. We proposed the idea about having a few local Dawnguard soldiers around, and they agreed to our terms. They explained that the vampire situation was starting to get out of hand. Every day now, new reports of vampire attacks were spreading. But the Dawnguard was making significant progress in recruiting members, and closing in on the main holdings of them.

Things were looking up. But unaware to us, someone else was watching in on our little conversation.


The Next Night

We headed back the next day. We were anxious to get back to Whiterun, and we didn’t have to worry about Aela unwillingly changing to her beast form. We got down from our horses, and started looking for a place to camp off the main road.

“Balgruuf will be very pleased with the progress made here tonight” Proventus said with pride.

“I’m sure of it” I replied, with a bit of scoff in my voice. But just then, Aela stopped. “What’s wrong?”

“Something is shifting in the moons…” she said. And then she unsheathed her sword.

“Oh! I knew we should’ve stayed in Riften a while longer!” Proventus said. I could hear footsteps all around, like we were being surrounded.

“Who are they, bandits?” I asked.

“No….there is no scent” Aela replied quietly to me. With that, the horses started to flee, and all of sudden a body charged at me fast, knocking me over. Aela turned, only to be met by another charging body. Proventus started to flee.

“Proventus! Get back here! It isn’t safe-” Another charging figure got to him, taking him away from us, and all we could hear was screaming from him. I got up, but the distance of the screaming and myself lengthened fast. “Proventus!” I shouted again. Aela got back up, and I turned to her. “Can you catch him!?”

“I could, but-” and the screaming stopped. And there was no one else around us.

“Vampires?” I asked.

“Vampires.” she replied.

We looked at each other, and started running in the direction we last saw the steward.


After a good hour of pursuit, there was still no sign of him. Aela, with her heightened sense of smell, caught a whiff of blood, more than likely from Proventus. The trail led us to top of a rockside, but ended there. There was not much we could do, so we decided to head back to Riften and get help from the Dawnguard. But just as we turned we were attacked again by the rushing figures again. We unsheathed our swords, and Aela and I stood back to back.

” Even if I did change, there’s no way to get sure grasp on these things!” she stated.

“Leave that to me.” I said. Another dragon shout trick came to mind. One that could be used in this situation. A shout that could slow time all around us.

“TIID KLO UL!” I shouted, and the world around us slowed, and also changed into a monochromatic color tone, an effect from the shout. And I was able to finally ascertain what was surrounding us: just two vampires.

The effect didn’t last long. Time restored to normal after ten seconds, but gave me enough time to figure where to slice my sword into a vampire’s path. The blade went through his torso, cutting him in half, and as his upper body flew and hit the ground, it turned to ashes. I looked at his lower torso, and it too, turned to ashes.

“Nice hit!” Aela said, impressed.

“There’s only one more.” I said, my voice horsed.

“Just one? Wow they’re quick. Can’t you shout again?”

“Gimme some time.” I said. But then the other vampire grabbed me by the throat, and pushed me down the rock side.

“Jeric!” Aela said, as I tumbled down the rocks, bruising and getting cut as some of my armor tore off from the fall. But it was nothing compared to the impact of ground that incapacitated me.


Whiterun – Dragonsreach Dungeons – The Siege

Screams were all I could hear now. Even in the dungeons, the screams of man, woman and even child could be heard from beyond  the stone bowels. I quickened my pace, trying to think of my plan as I started approaching the staircase that led out of the dungeons. Ulfric Stormcloak himself was up there, and if I was going to face him, I needed to gather all my strength. Ironic how darkness would be my place of preparation for battle, a place I tried to avoid, metaphorically speaking.


The Road to Whiterun – 2 years prior the Siege

I first heard wind. Then smelled the rubble of stone and dirt. And slowly, my vision, which was a blur at first, came back to me. Pain followed soon after, and as I inhaled air, I knew my ribs were broken. But then I heard the sound of stuttering footsteps coming towards me.

“Jeric…” a man’s voice said. “Jeric, help me-”

“Proventus?” I looked up, and saw him coming closer, limping, holding his neck as blood profusely came from it.

“They got… me.” he said, falling to the ground soon after. “K…kill me…” And I knew that the vampires bit him.

I tried getting up, but could only come to a prone position. I could not find my sword, but my dagger was still sheathed in my belt.

“P…please..” he begged. I crawled, and he turned over to his back. As he lay inverted towards me, I approached. When I was finally over him, I raised my dagger, ready to pierce his heart. And when the blade was about to come down, he screeched, his eyes turning red, and he came up, his new vampire fangs latching, piercing, and digging into my neck.

-To Be Continued-

Episode 3 – The Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf

Why doesn’t she change? I’ve seen her do it before. When she needed to protect me, protect me from the big monsters in the snow. I was scared of her at first. But then I knew, she was protecting me and would never hurt me.

Momma, why didn’t you change?


Whiterun – The Siege – Present Day

My wife….my wife is dead….

Fallen to the madness, the madness I never confronted, that I ignored. The madness I flirted with, no, dwelled in for some time of my own. The time that I was away from her, only to try to protect her, to protect them! This is my sin. This….is my sin!

“Aela….” I said and bowed my head towards her and kissing her forehead. “Aela…why didn’t you change?”

“Jeric!” Irileth shouted, as more Stormcloak soldiers started coming to our position. She unsheathed her sword and stood ready.

“I should’ve been here,” I continued whispering to the lifeless body.

“JERIC!! I need you!” Irileth shouted once more, as she slashed a soldier and blocked a strike from another. But it was the third strike from an ax that she could not avoid in time, as it bludgeoned into her stomach, piercing her armor.

I looked up. “NO! Irileth!!” I shouted, and witnessed her falling to her knees. The soldier that she blocked her shield with now took his sword and readied for a final beheading strike.

I stood up, unsheathed my sword, and charged. And with the air rushing into my face, I inhaled, filled my lungs with as much they allowed, and shouted my Thu’um.

“FUS RO DAH!!!” I shouted, and the Unrelenting Force thundered out of my mouth, making the soldier and a few others along with him, fly for several yards. The others that still stood, met my blade with no mercy. One by one, I cut them down, parrying, blocking, striking, and slashing. I cut one’s leg off, slashed a throat, impaled a few, and beheaded another.

The soldiers that got knocked over now stood up and charged me. I grabbed the ax that Irileth pulled from her stomach just now, and threw at one of the charging soldiers, striking right into the chest. Another soldier came to me, striking downward with his sword, but I blocked it with mine, and pulled my dagger from my belt with my free hand, and shoved it into the bottom opening of his helmet, right through his chin. The sound of gurgling was all that the soldier could manage, as he fell to the ground. I quickly disposed of the others, and the current threat was done for now. I turned to Irileth.

“Can you fight?” I asked.

“Barely. You must get to Dragonsreach.” she said, trying to stand.

“But what about Jorvaskrr?” I asked, helping her up.

“You know the Companions can hold it, and the Stormcloaks are focusing on getting the Jarl. You must go!”

I looked at Dragonsreach, contemplating how to break through the Stormcloaks’ siege. I looked to Irileth once more.

“The dungeons underneath Dragonsreach….go through them. The Stormcloaks have no reason to to be there. You must go, Jeric! I”ll buy you the time,” she said. I nodded, gave her her sword, and ran off. More soldiers started approaching. Irileth remained upright by herself, surprisingly,  and awaited them, knowing these would be her last moments.

And so I made my way to what would be the final stand of the Jarl, and Whiterun itself. But my thoughts would only dwell on my daughter, and hoping she was protected well.


Whiterun – 6 Months Prior the Siege

I almost forgot what being in Whiterun felt like. I’ve been gone for so long, it seemed new all over again. But the people did not forget me. They acknowledged me with nods and smiles, and the guards honored me for returning. If only they knew, though. If only they knew of the darkness that succumbed me in my absence.

The marketplace was busy as always, people going in and out of shops and bartering at the smaller kiosks outside for food, trinkets, and other odds and ends. The shop I frequented, belonged to Belethor, a Breton owner of a General Goods store. Despite saying odd things like “Everything is on sale, if I had sister, I’d sell her in a second,” I invested 500 gold with him, and since then his store flourished, and he even gave me a discount on goods. I entered the store, only to be greeted by the same industrious and over zealous shop owner.

“Well if it isn’t the good ol’ Thane, where have you been buddy?” Belethor said.

“Just…away. Thane business.” I replied

“For over a year? That must’ve been some quest you partook in. People were starting to say you were dead!” He laughed. I talked a little more with him, and purchased some food items and went on my way. As I exited, I saw one of the street guards holding a child by the arm, protesting to be let go.

“What’s going on here?” I asked.

“My Thane, this girl stole bread from here,” the guard explained

“This wouldn’t be the first time by that little brat!” Carlotta, the owner said.

“I was hungry, how am I supposed to eat. I don’t have any gold, and no one will give me any!” the little girl said.

“Where are your parents?” I asked her. She hesitated.

“Speak now to the Thane child!” the soldier said, jerking her arm.

“Dead! They’re both dead!” she shouted.

“She’s an orphan then. Let her go.” I said


“Let her go!” I ordered. And with that, she ran into the nearby courtyard.

“You know the penalty for stealing, sir.” The soldier said.

“I don’t think cutting off a children’s hand will do any justice for us today. Besides, I have a better idea.” I said, heading towards the courtyard now. The child was sitting on one of the benches, right next to the Gildergreen tree, a tree known for it’s healing properties from the sap.

“What’s your name? How old are you” I asked.

“Lucia…I’m twelve.”

“Lucia, do you have anywhere to go? Anywhere to stay?”

“Well… I sleep in the stables outside the city gates, when the stable master goes to his. At least it’s warmer there than the streets.” she explained.

“Lucia, what if I were to adopt you. My wife and I have a home here in the city. We have extra room, if you’d like. I’ll keep you fed, and give you fresh clothes. Just no more stealing. How does that sound?

“Really? You…you really mean it?” she asked. I nodded sincerely, and she lighted up with joy. “Yay! Thank you so much mister! I mean, Papa?”

“Papa.” I said, nodding in agreement. I took her hand, and led her to where Aela and I resided.


The Pale – 2 Months Prior the Siege – The Change

My wife told me of this story once. I was hoping Lucia wouldn’t see this side of Aela, but there was no choice in the matter. It was life or death.

Aela and Lucia became very close. Aela would take her out picking herbs and flowers some days. And on others, Aela would teach her great archery skills to Lucia. Lucia became very adept with a bow and arrow, despite her size.

I told them to come visit the house I was building, north of Whiterun in the snowy regions known as the Pale which was about a days journey on foot.

” I can’t wait to see Papa!” Lucia said, excitedly. Aela smiled back, and assured Lucia that they were not far now. But out of the corner of her eye, Aela saw some movement from some rocks in the terrain.

“Lucia get behind me!” Aela said, as she unsheathed her blade. Out came three giant spiders from the rocks charging at them. “Come on!” she said, grabbing Lucia’s hand and running towards a large mountain side. Luckily, there was a cave.

“Stay in the cave, I’ll handle them” Aela said, now engaging the spiders. She cut them down one by one, but then heard screams coming from Lucia. A bigger spider came out from the dark depths of the cave. Aela went back to help.

She tried hitting the spider’s leg with her sword, but the spider was quick, and hit Aela off balance sending her to the ground, and her sword slipping from her grasp. The spider slowly came closer to Lucia, drooling from the mouth, ready to eat her.

Aela gave it no second thought; she stood up and began screaming, her garb tightening and then falling off her, and fur started to grow from her skin. The screaming turned into growling, and the beast that she became, charged the giant spider, tearing it to pieces with claws and teeth.

Lucia looked in horror to what became of Aela. She was a beast now, with the resemblance of a wolf, a Lycan. As the large spider lay dead in pieces, Aela turned to Lucia.

“M…..Momma?” she said, scared. Aela then changed back into her human form within seconds.

“It’s ok my dear. It’s ok.” She said, standing naked from her transformation. Aela kneeled down, and they both embraced in comfort.

Aela explained the situation to me, and I understood she had no choice. Just as long as Lucia could keep this secret from the rest of Whiterun, there would be no worries.


The Siege

I was alone now. Most of the Whiterun guards have fallen in battle. The Companions stayed at Jorvaskrr to protect it and it’s surroundings. I continued my way to the bottom of Dragonsreach, stealthily avoiding the Stormcloaks. The thoughts of Aela and Lucia still lingered in my mind. I only wished that Lucia was alright.

-To be Continued-